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Meridians: feminism, race, transnationalism 5.2 (2005) 83-84

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Hunger, and: I used to live


All day I watch the cooking shows, perhaps
for the company of the colours. I have slow,
apricot memories. I think I seek in them
a grandmother and a kitchen heavy
with years. I think I watch

for beginnings, perhaps all beginnings.
A girl learning to keep from crying
when she slices an onion, when
she remembers the country she has left.
All day I watch to keep from crying. [End Page 83]

I used to live

I used to live in a small room
with a narrow bed
and a television at my feet,
a mirror hung on the back of the door.
I lived in the order
of its smallness.

I lie here next to you
and feel the distance
from the walls.
If I held you closer
we would fit
onto a narrow bed.
Gabeba Baderoon is a South African poet and media scholar. Her poetry has appeared in New Contrast, Illuminations, and Feminist Studies. Baderoon's first collection, The Dream in the Next Body, will be published by Kwela Books in 2005. She is the winner of the DaimlerChrysler Award for South African Poetry for 2005.


"Hunger" and "I Used to Live" will appear in my book The Dream in the Next Body. Kwela/Snailpress, Capetown, April 2005.



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