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Natan Aridan is Associate Researcher and Managing Editor of Israel Studies at the Ben-Gurion Research Institute for the Study of Israel & Zionism and Lecturer in the Department of History, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. He is author of Britain, Israel and Anglo-Jewry, 1949–1957 (London, 2004).

Sergio Dellapergola is Professor of Population Studies at the Hebrew University’s Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry. His recent publications include “Demography in Israel at the Dawn of the Twenty-First Century,” in U. Rebhun and C.I. Waxman (eds), Jews in Israel; Contemporary Social and Cultural Patterns (Hanover, NH, 2004); “World Jewish Population,” in American Jewish Year Book, (New York, 2000–2002); “Changing Cores and Peripheries: Fifty Years in Socio-demographic Perspective,” in R.S. Wistrich (ed.), Terms of Survival: The Jewish World Since 1945 (London, 1995); with U. Rebhun and M. Tolts, “American Jewry: A Population Projection, 1990–2020,” in R. Rosenberg Farber, C.I. Waxman (eds), Jews in America (Hanover/London, 1999); forthcoming, with U. Rebhun, “Summary of Jerusalem Population Projections, 1995–2020” [Hebrew].

Eliezer Don-Yehiya is Professor of Political Studies and Director of the Argov Center for the Study of Israel and the Jewish People at BarIlan University. His recent publications include: “The Transformation of Jabotinsky’s Attitude toward the Religious Tradition,” in A. Bareli and P. Ginossar (eds), Essays on Ze’ev Zabotinsky (Sede-Boker, 2004) [Hebrew]; “State and Religion in Israel: Developments and Trends in Research,” in State and Community (Jerusalem 2004) [Hebrew]; “Chaim Moshe Shapira, the NRP and the Six Day War,” in Religious Zionism: the Era of Change (Jerusalem 2004) [Hebrew]; Israel and Diaspora Jewry: Ideological and Political Perspectives (co-edited) with C.S. Liebman (Ramat-Gan, 1991).

Tanja Flanagan is a Ph.D. student in international relations with minors in International Ethics and Comparative Studies at Georgetown University. [End Page 223]

Idit Gil is lecturer in the MA Program for Democratic Studies at the Open University, Israel, and on Latin American Studies at Emek Yezreel Academic College. Her recent publications include ‘The Left and Cultural Nationalism in Argentina at the Turn of the Twentieth Century’, Zmanim, 63, summer 1998 [Hebrew].

Benyamin Pinkus is Professor Emeritus of Jewish History at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and Senior Researcher at the Ben-Gurion Research Institute for the Study of Israel & Zionism. He is the editor of the journal Shvut. Recent publications include: The Jews of the Soviet Union: The History of a National Minority (Cambridge, 1988); National Rebirth and Reestablishment: Zionism and the Zionist Movement in the Soviet Union, 1947–1987 (Sede-Boker, 1993) [Hebrew], which was awarded the Bialik Prize for Jewish Thought; The End of a Period: The Jews of the Soviet Union under Gorbachev (Sede-Boker, 1999) [Hebrew]; forthcoming in 2005, The Special Relationship: The Soviet Union, The Soviet Bloc, The Jewish People, Zionism and the State of Israel [Hebrew] and From Ambivalence to a Tacit Alliance: Israel-Franco Relations, 1947–1957 [Hebrew].

Uzi Rebhun is Lecturer in the Division of Jewish Demography and Statistics, the Avraham Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His recent publications include: Jews in Israel; Contemporary Social and Cultural Patterns, co-edited with C.I. Waxman (Hanover, NH, 2004); “Jewish identification in contemporary America: Gans’ symbolic ethnicity and religiosity theory revisited,” Social Compass, 2004; “The Changing Roles of Human Capital, State Context of Residence, and Ethnic Bonds in Interstate Migration: American Jews 1970–1990,” International Journal of Population Geography, 2003.

William Safran is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He is editor-in-chief of Nationalism and Ethnic Politics. His recent publications include: The French Polity Politics in Europe. 6th ed. with David P. Conradt, M. Donald Hancock, B. Guy Peters, Stephen White, and Raphael Zariski (New York/London, 2003); author of Introduction and “Religion and Laïcité in a Jacobin Republic: The French Case,” in The Secular and the Sacred: Nation, Religion, and Politics (London, 2002).

Yossi Shain is Professor of Government at Georgetown University. His recent publications include “Diaspora, kinship and loyalty; the renewal [End Page 224] of Jewish national security,” International Affairs, 2002; “Jewish kinship at a crossroads; lessons for...


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