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Research in African Literatures 30.4 (1999) 235-238

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Abdel-Jaouad, Hédi—"The Sands of Rhyme: Thackeray and Abd al Qadir," 30.3: 194-206.

Abu-Haidar, Farida—"Angst and Rebellion in the Fiction of Amin Zaoui," 30.3: 164-75.

Amrane-Minne, Danièle Djamila—"Women and Politics in Algeria from the War of Independence to Our Day," 30.3: 62-77.

Aresu, Bernard—"Narrating the Tribe: Rachid Mimouni and Dystopia," 30.3: 135-50.

Avorgbedor, Daniel—"The Turner-Schechner Model of Performance as Social Drama: A Re-Examination in the Light of the Anlo-Ewe Haló," 30.4:144-55.

Barber, Karin—"Quotation in the Constitution of Yoruba Oral Texts," 30.2: 17-41.

Baikolo, Emevwo—"On the Theoretical Foundations of Orality and Literacy," 30.2: 17-41.

Benslama, Fethi—"Identity as a Cause," 30.3: 6-50.

Bensmaïa, Réda—"Postcolonial Nations: Political or Poetic Allegories?," 30.3: 151-63.

Bouraoui, Hédi—"Letter to the Silenced Voices," 30.3: 207-12.

Boyce Davies, Carole—"Beyond Unicentricity: Transcultural Black Presences," 30.2: 96-109.

Brown, Nicholas—"Revolution and Recidivism: The Problem of Kenyan History in the Plays of Ngugi wa Thiong'o," 30.4: 56-73.

Chapman, Michael—"From Shaka's Court to the Trade Union Rally: Praises in a Usable Past," 30.1: 34-43.

Conteh-Morgan, John, and Tejumola Olaniyan—"Introduction: Drama and Performance ," 30.4: 1-5.

Daniel, Jean—"Dissident Algeria," 30.3: 7-14.

Djebar, Assia—"Blood Does Not Dry on the Tongue," 30.3: 18-22.

Dong'Aroga, Joseph—"The Idea of Democracy in African Tales," 30.1: 140-53.

Elia, Nadia—"'To Be an African Working Woman': Levels of Feminist Consciousness in Ama Ata Aidoo's Changes," 30.2: 136-47.

Erickson, John—"Translating the Untranslated: Djebar's Le blanc de l'Algérie," 30.3: 95-107.

Fabian, Johannes—"Theater and Anthropology, Theatricality and Culture," 30.4:24-31.

Fiebach, Joachim—"Dimensions of Theatricality in Africa," 30.4: 186-201.

Gafaïti, Hafid—"Power, Censorship, and the Press: The Case of Postcolonial Algeria," 30.3: 51-61.

Garrett, James M.—"Writing Community: Bessie Head and the Politics of Narrative," 30.2: 122-35.

Gyasi, Kwaku A.—"Writing as Translation: African Literature and the Challenges of Translation," 30.2: 75-87.

Hourantier, Marie-José—"Gestural Interpretation of the Occult in the Bin-Kadi So Adaptation of Macbeth, 30.4: 135-43.

Hughes, Edward J.—"Building the Colonial Archive: The Case of Camus's Le premier homme," 30.3: 176-93.

Jang, Tae-Sang—"A Poetic Structure in Hausa Proverbs," 30.1: 83-115.

Kitson, Thomas J.—"Tempering Race and Nation: Recent Debates in Diaspora Identity," 30.2: 88-95. [End Page 235]

Kruger, Loren—"Theater for Development and TV Nation: Notes on an Educational Soap Opera in South Africa," 30.4: 106-125.

Kruisheer, Klazien—"Nani Alionja Nini? Who Had a Taste of What? A Sociopolitical Interpretation of Farouk Topan's Play Aliyeonja Pepo ("A Taste of Heaven"), Dar es Salaam, 1973, 30.1: 44-57.

Marx-Scouras, Danielle—"Introduction," spec. issue on "Dissident Algeria," 30.4: 1-5.

McElaney-Johnson, Ann—"Epistolary Friendship: La prise de parole in Mariama Bâ's Une si longue lettre," 30.2: 110-21.

Mortimer, Mildred—"Coming Home: Exile and Memory in Sebbar's Le silence des rives," 30.3: 125-34.

Nkashama, Pius Ngandu—"Theatricality and Social Mimodrama," 30.4: 176-85.

Okpewho, Isidore—"Soyinka, Euripides, and the Anxiety of Empire," 30.4: 32-55.

Olaniyan, Tejumola—"Femi Osofisan: The Form of Uncommon Sense," 30.4: 74-91.

Opoku-Agyemang, Naana—"Gender-Role Perception in the Akan Folktale," 30.1: 116-39.

Osei-Nyame, Kwadwo—"Chinua Achebe Writing Culture: Representations of Gender and Tradition in Things Fall Apart," 30.2: 148-64.

Osofisan, Femi—"Theater and the Rites of 'Post-Negritude' Remembering," 30.1: 1-11.

Presbey, Gail M.—"Should Women Love 'Wisdom'? Evaluating the Ethiopian Wisdom Tradition," 30.2: 165-81.

Raji-Oyelade, Aderemi—"Postproverbials in Yoruba Culture: A Playful Blasphemy," 30.1: 74-82.

Richards, Sandra L.—"Yoruba Gods on the...


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