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Biography 27.4 (2004) 951-953

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Volume 27, 2004


Aboul-Ela, Hosam. "The Writer Becomes Text: Naguib Mahfouz and State Nationalism in Egypt." 27.2 (Spring): 313-38.

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Dawson, Ruth, with Waltraud Maierhofer. "German Rediscovery of Life Writing: Introduction to Essays on German-Speaking Women as Rulers, Consorts, and Royal Mistresses in the Long Eighteenth Century." 27.3 (Summer): 483-94.

Drier, Helke. "Memoirs as Dynastic Means of Legitimization: Duchess Sophie of Hannover." 27.3 (Summer): 495-516.

Elmwood, Victoria A. "'Happy, Happy Ever After': The Transformation of Trauma between the Generations in Art Spiegelman's Maus: A Survivor's Tale." 27.4 (Fall): 691-720.

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Franklin, Cynthia, and Laura E. Lyons. "Bodies of Evidence and the Intricate Machines of Untruth." 27.1 (Winter): v-xxii.

Franklin, Cynthia, and Laura E. Lyons. "Land, Leadership, and Nation: Haunani-Kay Trask on the Testimonial Uses of Life Writing in Hawai'i." 27.1 (Winter): 222-49.

Gross, Andrew S., and Michael J. Hoffman. "Memory, Authority, and Identity: Holocaust Studies in Light of the Wilkomirski Debate." 27.1 (Winter): 25-47.

Heipcke, Corinna. "Landgräfin Karoline of Hessen-Darmstadt: Epistolary Politics and the Problems of Consort Biography." 27.3 (Summer): 535-53.

Hesford, Wendy S. "Documenting Violations: Rhetorical Witnessing and the Spectacle of Distant Suffering." 27.1 (Winter): 104-44.

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Regard, Frédéric. "Replacing the Self in Cardinal Newman's Apologia." 27.4 (Fall): 721-36. [End Page 951]

Schaffer, Kay, and Sidonie Smith. "Conjunctions: Life Narratives in the Field of Human Rights." 27.1 (Winter): 1-24.

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Wilson, Tikka. "Racism, Moral Community, and Australian Aboriginal Autobiographical Testimony." 27.1 (Winter): 78-103.

Young, Sandra. "Narrative and Healing in the Hearings of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission." 27.1 (Winter): 145-62.


Ambrosius, Lloyd E., ed. Writing Biography: Historians and Their Craft. Reviewed by Catherine N. Parke 27.3 (Summer): 599-602.

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Daymond, M. J., Dorothy Driver, Sheila Meintjes, Leloba Molema, Chiedza Musengezi, Margie Orford, and Nobantu Rasebotsa, eds. Women Writing Africa: The Southern Region. Reviewed by Kay Schaffer 27.3 (Summer): 665-72.

Ellis, Robert Richmond. They Dreamed Not of Angels but of Men: Homoeroticism, Gender, and Race in Latin American Autobiography. Reviewed by Claudia Schaefer 27.3 (Summer): 640-43.

Felber, Lynette. Auto/Biographical Appropriations in Modernist Women's Fiction. Reviewed by Suzette Henke 27.4 (Fall): 874-81.

France, Peter, and William St. Clair, eds. Mapping Lives: The Uses of Biography. Reviewed by Kenneth Silverman 27.3 (Summer): 597-99.

Goodyear, Frank H., III. Red Cloud: Photographs...


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