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The reviews published in print are but a small selection of the reviews available on the Leonardo Reviews web site. Below is a full list of reviews published in LR from May to August 2004 <>.

August 2004

Activity-Centered Design: An Ecological Approach to Designing Smart Tools and Usable Systems, by Geri Gay and Helene Hembrooke. Reviewed by Rob Harle.
Artful History: A Restoration Comedy, by Jason Simon and Mark Dion. Reviewed by Roy R. Behrens.
The Cinema Effect, by Sean Cubitt. Reviewed by Yvonne Spielmann.
Design Research: Methods and Perspectives, edited by Brenda Laurel. Reviewed by Maia Engeli.
Frank Lloyd Wright and the Johnson Wax Buildings, by Jonathan Lipman. Reviewed by Roy R. Behrens.
Ghouls, Gimmicks, and Gold: Horror Films and the American Movie Business, 1953-1968, by Kevin Heffernan. Reviewed by John F. Barber.
God's Man: A Novel in Woodcuts, by Lynd Ward. Reviewed by Roy R. Behrens.
History after Apartheid: Visual Culture and Public Memory in a Democratic South Africa, by Annie E. Coombes. Reviewed by Andrea Dahlberg.
La Commune (Paris 1871), by Peter Watkins. Reviewed by Roy R. Behrens.
Les défis du cybermonde, edited by Hervé Fischer. Reviewed by Stefaan Van Ryssen. [End Page 77]
Neo-Baroque Aesthetics and Contemporary Entertainment, by Angela Ndalianis. Reviewed by Jan Baetens.
Purity and Provocation: Dogma 95, edited by Mette Hjort and Scott McKenzie. Reviewed by Michael R. (Mike) Mosher.
Red Edge, by Frode Gjerstad and Lasse Marhaug. Reviewed by Michael R. (Mike) Mosher.
Rhythm Science, by Paul D. Miller (a.k.a. Dj Spooky That Subliminal Kid). Reviewed by Michael R. (Mike) Mosher.
The Soundscape of Modernity: Architectural Acoustics and the Culture of Listening in America, 1900-1933, by Emily Thompson. Reviewed by Trace Reddell.
Tranzition, by Richard Pinhas. Reviewed by Trace Reddell.
Understanding Me: Lectures and Interviews, by Marshall McLuhan. Reviewed by Michael R. (Mike) Mosher.
You Can Hear Me, by Ehmes (Pat Mantovi). Reviewed by Stefaan Van Ryssen.

July 2004

Advertising Outdoors, by David Bernstein and History of the Poster, by Josef and Shizuko Müller-Brockmann. Reviewed by Roy R. Behrens.
Amartya Sen: A Life Re-Examined, directed and produced by Suman Ghose. Reviewed by Aparna Sharma.
America as Second Creation: Technology and Narratives as New Beginnings, by David E. Nye. Reviewed by Michael Punt.
Close Reading New Media: Analyzing Electronic Media, by Jan Van Looy and Jan Baetens. Reviewed by Dene Grigar.
Compelling Visuality: The Work of Art in and out of History, edited by Claire Farago and Robert Zwijnenberg. Reviewed by Wilfred Niels Arnold.
Digital People: From Bionic Humans to Androids, by Sidney Perkowitz. Reviewed by John F. Barber.
Earthly Paradises: Ancient Gardens in History and Archaeology, by Maureen Carroll. Reviewed by Rob Harle.
Had Gadya: The Only Kid. Facsimile of El Lissitzky's Edition of 1919, edited by Arnold J. Band, with an introduction by Nancy Perloff. Reviewed by Stefaan Van Ryssen.
The Molecular Gaze: Art in the Genetic Age, by Suzanne Anker and Dorothy Nelkin. Reviewed by George Gessert.
Neurology of the Arts: Painting, Music, Literature, edited by F. Clifford Rose. Reviewed by Amy Ione.
Photographers of Genius at the Getty, by Weston Naef. Reviewed by Julia Peck.
Russia at Play: Leisure Activities at the End of the Tsarist Era, by Louise McReynolds. Reviewed by Stefaan Van Ryssen.
Shooting Kennedy: JFK and the Culture of Images, by David M. Lubin. Reviewed by Andrea Dahlberg.
Telematic Embrace: Visionary Theories of Art, Technology, and Consciousness, by Roy Ascott; edited and with an essay by Edward A. Shanken. Reviewed by Jan Baetens.
Typography: Formation and Transformation, by Willi Kunz. Reviewed by Roy R. Behrens.

June 2004

American Type Design and Designers, by David Consuegra. Reviewed by Roy R. Behrens.
Biocosm: The New Scientific Theory of Evolution: Intelligent Life Is the Architect of the Universe, by James N. Gardner. Reviewed by Rob Harle.
How Images Think, by Ron Burnett. Reviewed by Robert Pepperell.
HYLE: International Journal for Philosophy of Chemistry, edited by Tami I. Spector and Joachim Schummer. Reviewed by Rob Harle.
IT Project Estimation: A Practical Guide to the Costing of Software, by Paul Coombs. Reviewed by Michael R. (Mike) Mosher.
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