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PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art 27.1 (2005) 125-126

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Lysistrate 70

Translated by Carl Weber


After four thousand years of stove smoke kitchen fumes laundry steam
We won't talk of washing dishes and of swallowing dust
And of scrubbing last-night's-club-meeting-vomit out of his jacket
So he can brownnose again in his boss's asshole and won't
Let the stench tingle the boss's nose, and in the next room
The children are pissing already into the empty bottles
But he still wallows in the king-size bed and dreams of ruling the world
Which he will conquer tomorrow or what-do-I-know
Or of a gigantic coitus in Chicago
Blood smeared women having been laid out in the morgues
And all that I get of him is his grunting like a besotted pig.
After four thousand years of spreading our legs for every asshole
Who sports his own dick that can fatten up our bellies
We won't talk of menstruation, it proves but one thing1
The world has been made by 1 man and we need to change it.1
After four thousand years of dangling tits into the mouths of children
Until the tits hit the floor when we are waxing the staircase
Have we cook washboard mattress garbage disposal2
Decided to stop being that any more, yet as of today
Start our fight with all available means
Against the rule of man over woman
And that is until the complete submission
Of man under the rule of woman, and so
We let fall to pieces the places we live in
That have been made our prison by him
And if they'll stink to heaven and turn black as hell
The bed to the bedbugs, the kitchen to roaches, to the moths the closet
And no more we spread our legs for him
Who has turned our lust into his weapon
And so we change the world into a pile of crap [End Page 125]
So that he'll see it's crap because that's what it is
Without our work and he himself is a piece of crap.

C Shall we play man and wife, August.
A Fine with me. I play the man.
C The man play I.

© 2005 Heiner Muller


1. These lines appeared in the first publication in Theater der Zeit, but not in the collected works edition.

2. The original manuscript shows here an interesting error: The German word for "garbage disposal" is Müllschlucker but was spelled Müllerschlucker by the author.



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