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  • Democracy and New Media

    Edited by Henry Jenkins and David Thorburn
    MIT Press, October 2004
    ISBN 0-262-60063-3

    Digital technology is changing our politics. The World Wide Web is already a powerful influence on the public’s access to government documents, the tactics and content of political campaigns, the behavior of voters, the efforts of activists to circulate their messages, and the ways in which topics enter the public discourse. The essays collected here capture the richness of current discourse about democracy and cyberspace.


  • Déjà Vu: Aberrations of Cultural Memory

    Peter Krapp
    University of Minnesota Press, Electronic Mediations Series

    Referring to a past that never was, déjà vu shares a structure not only with fiction, but also with the ever more sophisticated effects of media technology. Tracing the term from the end of the nineteenth century, when it was first popularized in the pages of the Revue philosophique, Peter Krapp examines the genealogy and history of the singular and unrepeatable experience of déjà vu. This provocative book offers a refreshing counterpoint to the clich d celebrations of cultural memory and forces us do a double take on the sanctimonious warnings against forgetting so common in our time.



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