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Arethusa 37.3 (2004) 471-472

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Contents Volume 37

Number 1

Simonides' Use of the Term ΤΕΤΡΑΓΩΝΟΣ Richard W. Johnston and David Mulroy 1
"Speak on my Behalf": Persuasion and Purification in Aristophanes' Wasps
James Mcglew 11

Designing Women: Aristophanes' Lysistrata and the "Hetairization" of the Greek Wife Sarah Culpepper Stroup 37

Making the Most of Marsyas Andrew Feldherr and Paula James 75

Grim Pleasures: Statius's Poetic Consolationes Donka D. Markus 105

Arethusa Damon Franke 137

Books Received 139

Number 2

Manufacturing Descent: Virgil's Genealogical Engineering Brent Hannah 141

Propertius's Gallus and the Erotics of Influence Matthew Pincus 165

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Male Homosocial Readership and the Dedication of Ovid's Fasti Richard J. King 197
Ovidian Silius Marcus Wilson 225
Books Received 251

Number 3

The Poetics of Deixis in Alcman, Pindar, and Other Lyric
Guest Editor: Nancy Felson

Introduction Nancy Felson 253
Past Future and Present Past: Temporal Deixis in Greek Archaic Lyric Giovan Battista D'alessio 267
Initiating the Viewer: Deixis and Visual Perception in Alcman's Lyric Drama Anastasia-Erasmia Peponi 295
Deixis, Performance, and Poetics in Pindar's First Olympian Ode Lucia Athanassaki 317
Home is the Hero: Deixis and Semantics in Pindar Pythian 8 Richard P. Martin 343
The Poetic Effects of Deixis in Pindar's Ninth Pythian Ode Nancy Felson 365
Communication in Pindar's Deictic Acts Anna Bonifazi 391
Deictic Ambiguity and Auto-Referentiality: Some Examples from Greek Poetics Translated by Jenny Strauss Clay Claude Calame 415
Glossary 445
Bibliography 449
Books Received 467


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