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  • Editorial Statement
  • John Mowitt, Keya Ganguly, and Jochen Schulte-Sasse

In 1999, Cultural Critique entered a new moment in its fourteen-year history of publication. Beyond its new group of editors and new look, the journal now exhibits a new organizational rationale. Although the journal will continue to appear three times a year, two issues per year will be devoted to speciWc topics. Periodically, we hope to publish "interventionist" special issues of current interest (such as "The Politics of Impeachment" volume). Additionally, in at least one issue each year we shall publish articles grouped by foci. Furthermore, Cultural Critique will serve, on a more irregular basis, as a forum for review articles of noteworthy publications in contemporary cultural criticism and in cultural and/or intellectual history. The aim, of course, is to galvanize debates over matters of public concern to which scholars in the humanities and social sciences have not consistently had access.

Projected special issues include:

  • • Theories of Modernity/Modernization

  • • Nostalgia

  • • Cultural Studies

  • • Time/Temporality

  • • Cultural History/Intellectual History

  • • The Politics of the Irrational

  • • Residualisms (media, discourses, histories)

  • • Materialism

Foci planned for coming issues include: The Frankfurt School Reconsidered; Masses and Media; Psychoanalysis and Cultural Studies; High Technology and Cultural Studies; After Interdisciplinarity.



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