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The South Atlantic Quarterly 103.4 (2004) 813-816

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Coptic Cruxed Out (insurge stance)

scar version cut loon out the attic
wounded dreams shrink-wrapped in plastic
sanity's a cosmetic construct
politic-justice perfect as birth is defect
fumble heads/crumble dreads stumble around jumble words abstract
societal injury trace out satire sounds out bizarre reality
"better eaten than suffocation in doo-doo" polluted air-fix perjury
legal thug & official wench pork on crap is sanctuary here not noo-noo reference
(transmission planet voice . . . sound riot reception interference)
base vibe cut chord earth a death-place    got nation-foetus in a wrench
drowned amniotic    catch the rebirth stench
menstrual cyclical    hate is maternal to (a) trick-bed seed
apathy trickle down children bleed
topical waste scrap/crap pile up
dark inside the masoch kist       (ball & chain to the brain)
last coffin nail in the phallus (bass-sonic) [End Page 813]
scrotum in a trash-bin       bassonic acid wreck black ovaries
genocide program structured clinical
obliteration critical got people fractured cynical
gospel-scalpels in trans-cutaneous travel
cut thru skin hit the fart-core/
i'm rot-heart's bone living in gore


severed tongues' vibrations    bitchy sensations    (scratch)
disused minds' excavation    metaphor (matter for thought)
play-words    armoured toys    (cut killer lines)
brain slam-dunk   (junk-yard punk bard)
WORD-cry centralise intelligence create cretinous populace
dry-eye-cry in white-wallet wash
dopest flow-streams at the rope    (longer than blueness)
filth-mentality soap to cleanse    triple k's greatest white hope
(bathe purity-sin in caucasian uterus)
i was born a scream thru a torn-skin seam
in chalk-lit night & a tropical lie-land
(salvage soul in guilt projection towards savage salvation
                               speak to the mind in my hand)
no boom-bap/doom-rap not drum 'n' bass (engine) flow
i follow the machine-hum out into space
madness' static at the lo-fi end
swim electric with the current around the bend
sanguine-literate i read blood-paths in the breeze
sunshine fun-time makes my heart freeze
hiss in the abyss    hell's thirst    inflicted
vampire is angel in the fire to atone
park your terror in the horror depot
global despot fragmented society with skin-tone
locked discordant with community-speak    babel conflict infected
ignorance is disease eats to societal bone    of the matter will be flintstone


mosh bent/urge to dive exist more than alive pit-rise venom-spit
in pubic dread slackness . . . soft-rock slender-beat- [End Page 814]
back-bend pulse 40 acre tender-meat
surrender impulse gorgon lock flight
umbilical) rhythm-weighed on a breath-scale
measured in a death-wail    my navel's tied to the gavel
birth judgement cut me lose
humanity dangles from prosperity-noose
slug semen is cream    (electro-juice)
defiled seed in blossom    conscience on rental
hostile thru no style but quest for survival
commodified/codified on the splayed-anus run alluvial
mouth gaping to prayer around phallus cum-grabbing nun
slobber-ras/arse- mode-brigade praise
masoch-kick is human absence in cross disguise

Version General / mains terminated

chorus season
sewermen    hewer-men of semen
venereal parasites
broken aerial combatants
verbal penitents
official-slime-snout    slug-genital
putrid-orificial    human mains terminal
          the generals walk free
specifics crawl in lock-down
horrific cute as electric     mock crucifix
the lynch-mob is jesus     (aryan fractricks)
"come down the tree     clown monkey"
tropics give up forestry in human currency
         we have a general amnesty


we rock cranial constraints
regimental entities surge
purge ele/mental impurities
psyche taints    contaminated senses
(this) cyber-occult   computed genesis
knowledge gone military [End Page 815]
science's artillery
VIRAL brains terminated
mains inseminated towards techno-utility


withdraw from gore-bank
fill up blood tank
crank up warmobile
stateship's at dock
(fate's cheap as rock   crack to a crock)
clock in at treachery factory
humanity a guarantee to shock
'cos nation-manure is human
FEAR's the engine
         in THE MAN's manufacture
                 secret as service machine


bug addiction    drug mission   vision religion
lie-linguist-tick speak


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