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Biography 27.2 (2004) 384-474

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Contributing editors Nell Altizer, Patricia Angley, Judith Lütge Coullie, Douglas Hilt, Corey Hollis, Michael Fassiotto, Marie-Christine Garneau, Théo Garneau, Noel Kent, John W. I. Lee, Gabriel Merle, Dawn Morais, Barbara Bennett Peterson, Forrest R. Pitts, and George Simson provided the excerpts for this issue.

Publications reviewed include Albion, American Quarterly, American Scientist, Bryn Mawr Classical Review, Far Eastern Economic Review, French Review, French Studies, Guardian Weekly, The Historian, Journal of Asian Studies, Journal of World History, Le Monde des Livres, Los Angeles Times Book Review (LATBR), The Medieval Review, The New Yorker, New York Review of Books (NYRB), New York Times Book Review (NYTBR), Pacific Historical Review, Presidential Studies Quarterly, Science, Studi Francesi, Times Literary Supplement (TLS), Washington Post National Weekly Edition (WP), and the Women's Review of Books; and from South Africa, the African Book Publishing Record, Die Burger, Cape Argus, Cape Times, City Press, FairLady, The Herald, Mail & Guardian, Pretoria News Saturday Dispatch, Sowetan, The Sunday Independent, ThisDay, and The Witness.

Adams, John. See Washington, George.

Adams, Sam

Sam Adams: Son of Liberty, Father of Revolution. Benjamin H. Irvin. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2002. 176 pp. $24.00.

"This comprehensive biography not only outlines the complex and sometimes contradictory personality of Samuel Adams, but it also weaves his character into the dramatic events of the American Revolution, the formation of the Constitution, and the adoption of the Bill of Rights. . . . Irvin presents a strong symbiosis of economic issues and the struggle for liberty. . . . Irvin does not neglect the humanity of Samuel Adams."

Addams, Jane

Jane Addams and the Dream of American Democracy. Jean Bethke Elshtain. New York: Basic Books, 2002. 328 pp. $28.00.

"Elshtain approaches the topic from a different perspective than that of historians. . . . [She] adopts a literary treatment of Addams. . . . Elshtain's tight focus on Addams and her writings has no place for much of the social and [End Page 384] personal context of turn-of-the-century Chicago and Hill House. . . . In her focus on Addams's writings, Elshtain has given us a worthy addition to Progressive scholarship, but it will certainly raise as many questions as it answers."

Adorno, Theodor

Adorno[Adorno, Eine Biographie]. Stefan Müller-Doohm. Trans. (from German) Bernard Lortholary. Paris: Gallimard, 2004. 628 pp. EUR32.50.

French criticism has been indulgent towards the political misapprehensions or indeed errors of some contemporary German philosophers, but, whether because he stood aloof from the 1968 students' movement or because of Hannah Arendt's well-known obstinate ill will, or for any other reason, not for Theodor Adorno, it would seem. Stefan Müller-Doohm's magisterial plea for a man he calls „the master of imperfect triads" will be the best introduction to a thinker who was at once intuitive, flashing, and rigorous.

Arafat, Yasir

Yasir Arafat: A Political Biography. Barry Rubin and Judith Colp Rubin. New York: Oxford UP, 2003. 354 pp. $27.50.
Arafat's War: The Man and His Battle for Israeli Conquest. Efraim Karsh. New York: Grove, 2003. 296 pp. $25.00.

"Unfortunately, neither book adds much that's new. In fact of the two, only the more moderate and scholarly text—the Rubins' Yasir Arafat—contributes anything of interest to this already crowded field. Karsh may be a respected historian, but his book-length polemic feels rushed; it's essentially assembled from secondary sources. His thesis, that Arafat never intended to make peace but merely saw Oslo as a tool in a 'phased strategy' leading to Israel's ulitimate destruction, is arguable. . . . His strident tone . . . undermine[s] Karsh's reliability."

Arden, Elizabeth. See Rubenstein, Helena.

Ashbee, Janet

Janet Ashbee: Love, Marriage, and the Arts and Crafts Movement. Felicity Ashbee. Syracuse: Syracuse UP, 2002. 245 pp. $39.95.

"In this book Felicity, the second of the four Ashbee daughters, was able to use her mother's voluminous...


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