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Eugene Thacker

University of Minnesota Press, 2004

Electronic Mediations Series

As biotechnology defines the new millennium, genetic codes and computer codes increasingly merge—life understood as data, flesh rendered programmable. Where this trend will take us, and what it might mean, is what concerns Eugene Thacker in this timely book, a penetrating look into the intersection of molecular biology and computer science in our day and its likely ramifications for the future.

$24.95 paper ISBN 0-8166-4353-9

$74.95 cloth ISBN 0-8166-4352-0


Narrative Across Media: The Languages of Storytelling

Marie-Laure Ryan, Editor

University of Nebraska Press, 2004

Frontiers of Narrative Series

Narratology has been conceived from its earliest days as a project that transcends disciplines and media. The essays gathered here address the question of how narrative migrates, mutates, and creates meaning as it is expressed across various media. Dividing the inquiry into five areas: face-to-face narrative, still pictures, moving pictures, music, and digital media, Narrative across Media investigates how the intrinsic properties of the supporting medium shape the form of narrative and affect the narrative experience. Unlike other interdisciplinary approaches to narrative studies, all of which have tended to concentrate on narrative across language-supported fields, this unique collection provides a much-needed analysis of how narrative operates when expressed through visual, gestural, electronic, and musical means.

$75 cloth 0-8032-3944-0

$35 paper 0-8032-8993-6


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