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Journal of Democracy 11.3 (2000) 174-177

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Books Received

The books listed below were recently received by the editors. A listing here does not preclude a review in a future issue.

Advanced Democracies

Communication in the Presidential Primaries: Candidates and the Media, 1912-2000. By Kathleen E. Kendall. Praeger, 2000. 272 pp.

Deadlock or Democracy? The Future of the Senate. Edited by Brian Costar. University of New South Wales Press, 2000. 57 pp.

From Social Democracy to Neoliberalism: The Consequences of Party Hegemony in Spain, 1982-1996. Sebastián Royo. St. Martin's, 2000. 318 pp.

Holding the Media Accountable: Citizens, Ethics, and the Law. Edited by David Pritchard. Indiana University Press, 2000. 210 pp.

The Marshall Plan From Those Who Made It Succeed. Edited by Constantine C. Menges. University Press of America, 1999. 402 pp.

Parades and the Politics of the Street: Festive Culture in the Early American Republic. By Simon P. Newman. University of Pennsylvania Press, 1997. 296 pp.

Policy Representation in Western Democracies. By Warren E. Miller, Roy Pierce, Jacques Thomassen, Richard Herrera, Sören Holmberg, Peter Esaiasson, and Bernhard Wessels. Oxford University Press, 2000. 180 pp.

The Politics of Retribution in Europe: World War II and Its Aftermath. Edited by István Deák, Jan T. Gross, and Tony Judt. Princeton University Press, 2000. 337 pp.

Social Cleavages and Political Change: Voter Alignments and U.S. Party Coali-tions. By Jeff Manza and Clem Brooks. Oxford University Press, 1999. 342 pp.

Social Preconditions of National Revival in Europe: A Comparative Analysis of the Social Composition of Patriotic Groups Among the Smaller European Nations. By Miroslav Hroch. Columbia University Press, 2000. 220 pp.

"We Get What We Vote For . . . Or Do We": The Impact of Elections on Governing. Edited by Paul E. Scheele. Praeger, 1999. 352 pp.


Black Political Thought in the Making of South African Democracy. By C.R.D. Halisi. Indiana University Press, 2000. 192 pp.

Burundi on the Brink, 1993-95: A UN Special Envoy Reflects on Preventive Diplomacy. By Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah. U.S. Institute of Peace Press, 2000. 170 pp.

Voting for Democracy: Watershed Elections in Contemporary Anglophone Africa. Edited by John Daniel, Roger Southall, and Morris Szeftel. Ashgate, 1999. 273 pp.


Across the Taiwan Strait: Mainland China, Taiwan, and the 1995-1996 Crisis. Edited by Suisheng Zhao. Routledge, 1999. 306 pp.

America's War in Vietnam: A Short Narrative History. By Larry H. Addington. Indiana University Press, 2000. 192 pp.

Confucian Democracy: Why & How. Edited by Hahm Chaibong, Hahm Chaihark, and David L. Hall. Jontong gua hyundae, 2000. 185 pp.

Democracy and the Status of Women in East Asia. Edited by Rose J. Lee and Cal Clark. Lynne Rienner, 2000. 212 pp.

Korean Crisis: Unraveling of the Miracle in the IMF Era. By Donald Kirk. St. Martin's, 2000. 386 pp.

The Labor of Development: Workers and the Transformation of Capitalism in Kerala, India. By Patrick Heller. Cornell University Press, 2000. 277 pp.

Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union

Between Past and Future: The Revolutions of 1989 and Their Aftermath. Edited by Sorin Antohi and Vladimir Tismaneanu. Central European University Press, 2000. 414 pp.

Getting It Wrong: Regional Cooperation and the Commonwealth of Independent States. By Martha Brill Olcott, Anders Åslund, and Sherman W. Garnett. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 1999. 269 pp.

Government and Politics in Hungary. By András Körösényi. Central European University Press, 2000. 330 pp.

Illusions and Realities: The Metamorphosis of Civil Society in a New European Space. By Ferenc Miszlivetz. Savaria University Press, 1999. 302 pp.

The Meaning of Liberalism: East and West. Edited by Zdenûk Suda and Jifií Musil. Central European University Press, 2000. 271 pp.

The Model of Tatarstan Under President Mintimer Shaimiev. By Ravil Bukharaev. St. Martin's, 2000. 251 pp.

Return to Ukraine. By Ania Savage. Texas A&M University Press, 2000. 272 pp.

The Road to War in Serbia: Trauma and Catharsis. Edited by Nebojsa Popov. Central European University Press, 2000. 711 pp.

Russia's Liberal Project: State-Society Relations in the Transition from Communism. By Marcia A. Weigle. Penn State University...


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