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MFS Modern Fiction Studies 50.2 (2004) 542-549

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Modern Fiction Studies Biannual Index

Volumes 48 (2002) and 49 (2003)

Authors of Articles, Review Essays, and Special Issue Introductions

Abel, Marco    •    "Speeding Across the Rhizome: Deleuze Meets Kerouac On The Road." 48.2: 227-56.

Aguiar, Marian    •    "Smoke of the Savannah: Traveling Modernity in Sembène Ousmane's God's Bits of Wood." 49.2: 284-305.

Akoma, Chiji    •    "Black Narratives and Critical Theory: Two Responses." 48.2: 461-69.

Allen, Emily    •    "Getting Over It: Messing Around at the Fin de Siècle." 48.2: 444-52.

Baldwin, Kate A.    •    "The Russian Connection: Interracialism as Queer Alliance in Langston Hughes's The Ways of White Folks." 48.4: 795-824.

Ben-Yishai, Ayelet    •    "Criticism Goes Global: Postcolonial Approaches to English Modernism and English Travel Writing." 48.1: 194-215.

Bernard, Louise    •    "Countermemory and Return: Reclamation of the (Postmodern) Self in Jamaica Kincaid's The Autobiography of My Mother and My Brother." 48.1: 113-38.

Bérubé, Michael    •    "Introduction: Worldy English." 48.1: 1-17.

Blair, Peter    •    "That 'Ugly Word': Miscegenation and the Novel in Preapartheid South Africa." 49.3: 581-613.

Bramen, Carrie Tirado    •    "Speaking in Typeface: Characterizing Stereotypes in Gayl Jones's Mosquito." 49.1: 124-54.

Burns, Christy L.    •    "Re-thinking Modernism after the 1990s." 48.2: 470-79.

Callahan, Cynthia A.    •    "The Confounding Problem of Race: Passing and Adoption in Charles Chesnutt's The Quarry." 48.2: 314-40.

Carlston, Erin G.    •    "Fascism and the Literary Imagination." 49.4: 824-33.

——.    •    "Secret Dossiers: Sexuality, Race, and Treason in Proust and the Dreyfus Affair." 48.4: 937-68.

Carr, Brian, and Tova Cooper    •    "Zora Neale Hurston and Modernism at the Critical Limit." 48.2: 285-313.

Chaney, Michael A.    •    "Slave Cyborgs and the Black Infovirus: Ishmael Reed's Cybernetic Aesthetics." 49.2: 261-83.

Chen, Tina    •    "Impersonation and Other Disappearing Acts in Native Speaker by Chang-rae Lee." 48.3: 637-67.

Cole, Sarah    •    "Nationalism and Modernism." 48.2: 453-60.

Davis, Kimberly Chabot    •    "Generational Hauntings: The Family Romance in Contemporary Fictions of Raced History." 48.3: 727-36. [End Page 542]

del Gizzo, Suzanne    •    "Going Home: Hemingway, Primitivism, and Identity." 49.3: 496-523.

Dubino, Jeanne    •    "Criticism Goes Global: Postcolonial Approaches to English Modernism and English Travel Writing." 48.1: 216-26.

Duvall, John N., and Nancy J. Peterson    •    "Introduction: Racechange and the Fictions of Identity." 49.3: 409-13.

Eaton, Mark A.    •    "Dis(re)membered Bodies: Cormac McCarthy's Border Fiction." 49.1: 155-80.

Fernald, Anne E.    •    "'Out of It': Alienation and Coercion in D. H. Lawrence." 49.2: 183-203.

Foster, Kevin    •    "'A Country Dying on its Feet': Naipaul, Argentina and Britain." 48.1: 169-93.

Friedman, Ellen G.    •    "Postpatriarchal Endings in Recent US Fiction." 48.3: 693-712.

Gane, Gillian    •    "Migrancy, the Cosmopolitan Intellectual, and the Global City in The Satanic Verses." 48.1: 18-49.

Gillman, Susan    •    "The Epistemology of Slave Conspiracy." 49.1: 101-23.

Glick, Elisa F.    •    "Harlem's Queer Dandy: African-American Modernism and the Artifice of Blackness." 49.3: 414-42.

Goldman, Marlene    •    "A Dangerous Circuit: Loss and the Boundaries of Racialized Subjectivity in Joy Kogawa's Obasan and Kerri Sakamoto's The Electrical Field." 48.2: 362-87.

Goldsmith, Meredith    •    "White Skin, White Mask: Passing, Posing, and Performing in The Great Gatsby." 49.3: 443-68.

Gordon, Jan B.    •    "The Literature of Allegorical Occupations." 49.2: 341-47.

Gruesz, Kirsten Silva    •    "Utopía Latina: The Ordinary Seaman in Extraordinary Times." 49.1: 54-83.

Gubar, Susan    •    "Minstrelsy's Racechanging Numbers: A Postscript to Racechange and the Fictions of Identity." 49.3: 614-26.

Hames-García, Michael    •    "Which America Is Ours?: Martí's 'Truth' and the Foundations of 'American Literature.'" 49.1: 19-53.

Hayes, Jarrod    •    "Defining Caribbean Identity." 48.3: 737-45.

Holcomb, Gary E.    &#x02022...


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