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Legacy 21.1 (2004) 113-122

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Below is a selected sampling of current books, articles, and dissertations relevant to the study of American women writers from the seventeenth through the early twentieth centuries. Prices unless otherwise indicated are for hardcover editions.

Individual Authors

Adams, Hannah

Everton, Michael J. "The Courtesies of Authorship: Hannah Adams and Authorial Ethics in the Early Republic." Legacy 20 (2003): 1-21.

Alcott, Louisa May

Deese, Helen R., ed. "Memoranda and Documents: Louisa May Alcott's Moods: A New Archival Discovery." New England Quarterly 76 (2003): 439-55.

Bishop, Elizabeth

Costello, Bonnie. "Elizabeth Bishop's Impersonal Personal." American Literary History 15 (2003): 334-66.

Bonner, Sherwood

McKee, Kathryn B. "'Honey, Yer Ain't Harf as Smart as Yer Thinks Yer Is!': Race and Humor in Sherwood Bonner's Short Fiction." Southern Literary Journal 35.1 (2002): 28-46.

Cather, Willa

See also the Willa Cather Pioneer Memorial Newsletter.

Elz, A. Elizabeth. "The Awakening and A Lost Lady: Flying with Broken Wings and Raked Feathers." Southern Literary Journal 35.2 (2003): 13-27.

Kot, Paula. "Speculation, Tourism, and The Professor's House." Twentieth-Century Literature 48 (2002): 393-426.

Kuhlken, Pam Fox. "Hallowed Ground: Landscape as Hagiography in Willa Cather's Death Comes for the Archbishop." Christianity and Literature 52 (2003): 367-85.

Ryan, Melissa. "The Enclosure of America: Civilization and Confinement in Willa Cather's O Pioneers!." American Literature 75 (2003): 275-303.

Sánchez, María Carla. "Immovable: Willa Cather's Logic of Art and Place." Western American Literature 38 (2003): 117-30.

Stich, Klaus P. "Historical and Archetypal Intimations of the Grail Myth in Cather's One of Ours and The Professor's House." TSLL: Texas Studies in Literature and Language 45 (2003): 201-30.

Wilson, Sarah. "'Fragmentary and Inconclusive' Violence: National History and Literary Form in The Professor's House." American Literature 75 (2003): 571-99.

Childress, Alice

Hawkins, Alfonso W. "The Nurture of African American Youth in the Fiction of Ann Petry, Alice Childress, [End Page 113] and Gloria Naylor." CLA Journal 46 (2003): 457-77.

Chopin, Kate

See Elz on Cather.

Dyer, Joyce. "Reading The Awakening with Toni Morrison." Southern Literary Journal 35.1 (2002): 138-54.

Maguire, Roberta S. "Kate Chopin and Anna Julia Cooper: Critiquing Kentucky and the South." Southern Literary Journal 35.1 (2002): 123-137.

Rich, Charlotte. "Reconsidering The Awakening: The Literary Sisterhood of Kate Chopin and George Egerton." Southern Quarterly 41.3 (2003): 121-36.

Cooper, Anna Julia

See Maguire on Chopin.

Craigin, Elisabeth

Yarbrough, Dona. "A Queer Form of Trauma: Lesbian Epistolarity in Either is Love." American Literature 75 (2003): 367-93.

Davis, Rebecca Harding

Lasseter, Janice Milner. "From the Archives: The Censored and Uncensored Literary Lives of Life in the Iron-Mills." Legacy 20 (2003): 175-90.

Silver, Andrew. "'Unnatural Unions': Picturesque Travel, Sexual Politics, and Working-Class Representation in 'A Night Under Ground' and 'Life in the Iron-Mills.'" Legacy 20 (2003): 94-117.

De Cleyre, Voltairine

DeLamotte, Eugenia. "Refashioning the Mind: The Revolutionary Rhetoric of Voltairine de Cleyre." Legacy 20 (2003): 153-74.

Dickinson, Emily

Clarke, Graham, ed. Emily Dickinson: Critical Assessments. 4 vols. Robertsbridge, Sussex, UK: Helm Information Ltd., 2003. 3016 pp. $600.00.

Doolittle, Hilda [h. D.]

Morris, Adalaide. How to Live/ What to Do: H.D.'s Cultural Poetics. Urbana: U of Illinois P, 2003. 296 pp. $34.95.

Eaton, Edith Maude [sui Sin Far]

Song, Min Hyoung. "Sentimentalism and Sui Sin Far." Legacy 20 (2003): 134-52.

Fauset, Jessie

Jones, Sharon L. Rereading the Harlem Renaissance: Race, Class, and Gender in the Fiction of Jessie Fauset, Zora Neale Hurston, and Dorothy West. Westport: Praeger, 2002. 159 pp. $62.95.

Foote, Mary Hallock

Smith, Christine Hull. Reading A Victorian Gentlewoman in the Far West: The Reminiscences of Mary Hallock Foote. Boise: Boise State UP, 2002. 52 pp. $5.95 paper.

Fuller, Margaret

Belasco, Susan. "'The animating influences of discord': Margaret Fuller in 1844." Legacy 20 (2003): 76-93.

Gilman, Charlotte Perkins

Knight, Denise D., and Cynthia J. Davis, eds. Approaches to Teaching Gilman's "The Yellow Wallpaper...


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