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Color Plate A

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No. 1. Anne-Sarah Le Meur, Cristic_15.23.26.36, 3D computer-generated image. Four test images for the environment Au creux de l'obscur, work in progress, OpenGl programming language, 2003. A single shape hangs in space. Its smooth surface undulates. Light creates purple, dark green and black gradations, while a yellow fog comes and goes. Darkness surrounds and sometimes penetrates it. All the colors' nuances depend on the choice of the parameters of a fog, of two lights and of the surface (each parameter consists generally of three others: red, green, blue). All parameters interact with one another according to the undulations of the shape.

© Anne-Sarah Le Meur

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No. 2. Nancy Nisbet, Pop! Goes the Weasel, 2002. Details of hand photographs as they appeared on the pedestals, all photographs are C-prints, 11 inches in diameter, 2001. (a) Elderly woman; (b) gentleman; (c) patient; (d) elegant woman.

Photos © Nancy Nisbet

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Color Plate B

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No. 1. Diogo Queiros-Conde, photographic detail of the redressed anamorphosis. The original detail (a luminous form just under Mona Lisa's shoulder) can be viewed from a 45° angle from upper-right. The image of a skull can be seen. This is the first known anamorphosis completely integrated in a painting.

Photograph © D. Queiros-Conde, 2002

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No. 2. Loe Feijs, colored planes (made by computer).

© Loe Feijs

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