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  • The Electromagnetic Internetwork
  • Brian Thomas Carroll is the first phase of an educational initiative to raise public awareness of electromagnetism as a common cultural foundation, from the theoretical Big Bang to the Internet (see Fig. 2.) Originating in independent architectural research of the electrical infrastructure, the project now organizes interdisciplinary knowledge on-line to facilitate and foster the electromagnetic internetworking of artists, scientists and technologists.

On-line content developed by Brian Thomas Carroll and others revolves around the following areas:

  • • Contacts: Relationships between individuals, businesses, organizations and government agencies whose work involves electromagnetism and is in the public interest.

  • • Featured Works: Unique perspectives on electromagnetism through accessible investigations and explorations freely available to the on-line public.

  • • Electromagnetic Education: Establishing basic literacy on electromagnetism for people of all ages and advanced study through collaborative research, projects, exhibits and symposia [1].

  • • The Electronetwork List: News and discussion related to electromagnetism, its infrastructure and its role in transforming culture. Announcements and a newsletter are currently sent to 175 members [2].

Additionally, a major on-line exhibition, The Electromagnetic Assemblage, indexes a wide range of electromagnetic art and artifacts [3], including samples of music, film, opera, memorabilia, children's books, poems, jewelry design, sculpture, painting, computer-based artworks and installations.

This same content was also exhibited in the off-line installation Stories of Electromagnetism—Display of Curiosity [4]. It forms a basis for integrating traditional media with newer media (e.g. weaving and Internet art) by incorporating works from science, history, natural history and corporate, fine-art and contemporary art collections and museums in a single, unified and interdisciplinary electromagnetic context.

All artists, experimenters and others curious about electromagnetism and its mysteries are invited and encouraged to join in further developing this collaborative project, to share work and learn from others participating in this diverse and growing endeavor. Anyone whose work directly focuses on electromagnetism and who would like to contribute to the project should contact Brian Thomas Carroll at <>.

Please visit <> for more information.

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Fig. 2.

Helen Hall, Powerlines, black-and-white photograph, 1997. The Electromagnetic Internetwork project focuses on the often invisible order of electromagnetism.

© Helen Hall

Brian Thomas Carroll
Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A. E-mail: <>. Web site: <>.
Received 7 June 2003. Accepted for publication by Roger F. Malina.


1. The Electromagnetic Education Initiative: <>.
2. The Electronetwork List: <>.
3. The Electromagnetic Assemblage: <>.
4. On-line tour of Stories of Electromagnetism—Displays of Curiosity, part of State of the Art: Maps, Stories, Games and Algorithms from Minnesota, curated by Steve Dietz, Carleton College Art Gallery, 5-19 November 2003. <>. [End Page 189]


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