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  • Bibliography and Shorter Reviews
General Literature 541
   G-1 Reference and Bibliography 541
   G-2 Literary History 541
   G-3 Themes and Movements 544
   G-4 Regional, National, and Ethnic Literatures 551
   G-5 Comparative (Comparision of Two or More Authors) 561
   G-6 Criticism of Modern Literature Generally 564
   G-7 Criticism of Fiction 569
   G-8 Criticism of Poetry 575
   G-9 Criticism of Drama 579
   G-10 Criticism of Film 581
Individual Authors

General Studies

G-1 Reference and Bibliography

A Books

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E Articles

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G-2 Literary History

A Books

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C Dissertations

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Comentale, Edward Paul. Language of the Outlaw: A Modernist Primer of Art and Politics. State...

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