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  • Recent Dissertations in the History of Medicine*

In this list of recently completed dissertations, the highlighted number uniquely identifies each thesis and is your key to further information about it. Abstracts can be viewed in Dissertation Abstracts, issued monthly and available at many libraries. Some libraries provide free access to dissertations and abstracts on line, including the capacity to download them in full. Most dissertations can also be ordered via Bell and Howell Information and Learning by calling (800) 521–0600 or writing to 300 N. Zeeb Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48106, or online through the Bell and Howell website at

Jonathan David Ablard. Madness in Buenos Aires: Psychiatry, Society, and the State in Argentina, 1890–1983. The University of New Mexico, 2000, 350 pp. 9977753
Cynthia Ann Anderson. ‘With Her Own Hands’: Household Instructional Texts and the Medieval and Renaissance Woman. Texas A&M University, 2000, 255 pp. 9980105 (Includes a chapter on women as healers.)
Michael Dennis Aston. A Multilevel Model of the Impact of Health Services on Infant and Child Mortality in Bangladesh. University of Southampton (UK), 1999. C804010
Jane P. Becker. The British Women’s Health Movement: An Analysis of the Establishment, Work and Achievements of Women’s Health Centres since 1970. University of Essex (UK), 2000. C803740
Ellen F. Benoit. Controlling Drugs in the Welfare State: United States Drug Policy in Comparative and Historical Perspective. New York University, 2000, 294 pp. 9985229
Jennifer S. Bryson. The Kitāb al-Hāwī of Rāzī (ca. 900 AD), Book One of the Hawi on Brain, Nerve, and Mental Disorders: Studies in the Transmission of Medical Texts from Greek into Arabic into Latin. Yale University, 2000, 380 pp. 9991125 [End Page 86]
Maritha Rene Burmeister. Popular Anatomical Museums in Nineteenth-century England. Rutgers the State University of New Jersey-New Brunswick, 2000, 279 pp. 9991862
Elisa Camiscioli. Reproducing the French race: Immigration, Reproduction, and National Identity in France, 1900–1939. The University of Chicago, 2000, 207 pp. 9990531
Gregory Kimbal Culver. Disease, Medicine, and Public Policy in the Jackson Purchase Region of Kentucky, 1870–1920. Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, 2000, 286 pp. 9982052
Nadja Durbach. ‘Disease by Law’: Anti-vaccination in Victorian England, 1853–1907. The Johns Hopkins University, 2001, 395 pp. 9993098
Dahlia Elena Gibson. A Historical Review of the Life and Work of Josephine Rohrs Hilgard. Carlos AlbizuUniversity, 2000, 86 pp. 9985082 (Biography of a psychologist and psychoanalyst.)
Melanie Beals Goan. ‘First, Foremost, and Above All for Babies’: Mary Breckinridge and the Frontier Nursing Service. University of Kentucky, 361 pp. 9980792
William Paul Gray. A Social History of Illegitimacy in Ireland from the late Eighteenth to the Early Twentieth Century. Queen’s University of Belfast (Northern Ireland), 2000. C803677
Frances Hughes Harris. Adjusting Expectations: Chiropractic, Pain, and an Evolving American Health Care System. New School for Social Research, 298 pp. 9980007
Hannah RuthJoyner. The ‘Silent South’: Growing up Deaf in the Antebellum Southern States. University of Pennsylvania, 2000, 405 pp. 9989607
Samantha Jane King. Civic Fitness: The Politics of Breast Cancer and the Problem of Generosity. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2000, 221 pp. 9990043 (On the emergence of breast cancer as a philanthropic cause.)
John Charles Kinney. Alcoholic Inebriety: A Study of its Perceived Nature, Causation, and Treatment in America, 1857–1914. University of Illinois at Chicago, 2000, 477 pp. 9978663
Hannah Louise Landecker. Technologies of Living Substance: Tissue Culture and Cellular Life in Twentieth Century Biomedicine. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2000 (Copies available exclusively from MIT Libraries, Rm. 14–0551, Cambridge, MA 02139–4307.) [End Page 87]
Maria Ángeles Machín Marón. El Real Hospital de San Antonio Abad, de Villafranca Montes de Oca (Burgos), Universidad de Navarra (Spain), 2000. 799 pp. C805014 (The history of a Spanish hospital from 1377 to 1941.)
Moira Jean Maguire. The Myth of Catholic Ireland: Unmarried Motherhood, Infanticide and Illegitimacy in the Twentieth Century. The American University, 2000, 262 pp. 9983667
Sara Linda Manaugh. Without Reason: Drug War Politics in the United States. University of California at Berkeley, 2000, 220 pp. 9979719
Jannine Montauban. Reproducción, Genealogía y Sexualidad en la Novela Picaresca (Spanish text). Rutgers the State University...


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