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Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences 56.4 (2001) 411-414

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Recent Dissertations in the History of Medicine*

This issue inaugurates a new feature for the journal, a listing of recent doctoral dissertations in the history of medicine and health care. Most of the dissertation titles are self-explanatory; where needed a short description is added. The number in bold type uniquely identifies each thesis and is your key to further information about it. Abstracts can be viewed in Dissertation Abstracts, issued monthly and available at many libraries. Some libraries provide free access to dissertations and abstracts on line, including the capacity to download them in full. Most dissertations can also be ordered via Bell and Howell Information and Learning by calling (800) 521-0600 or writing to 300 N. Zeeb Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48106. Dissertations can be ordered online through the Bell and Howell website at (Bell and Howell acquired University Microfilms in 1985.)

David Ray Abernathy. Bound to succeed: Science, territoriality and the emergence of disease eradication in the Panama Canal Zone. University of Washington, 2000, 230 pages. 9975944

David Berkeley Arnold. A psychohistorical investigation of the personality and leadership of General George Custer. Gonzaga University, 2000, 266 pages. 9978096

Andrew W. Arpey. The Van Nest killings and the trial of William Freeman: Insanity, politics, and race in Antebellum New York. State University of New York at Albany, 2000, 265 pages. 9967704

Belen Atienza. ;Cata el loco! Locura, melancolia y teatro en la España de Lope de Vega (Spanish text). Princeton University, 2000, 424 pages. 9972734 (On madness in Spain, 1580–1620.)

Jesse Francis Ballenger. Senility and self in modern America: A cultural history of Alzheimer's disease. Case Western Reserve University, 2000, 368 pages. 9968137

Jeffrey D. Bass. In exile from the self: Identity, politics, and psychoanalysis in Buenos Aires. University of California, San Diego, 2000, 233 pages. 9975048 (On the evolution of psychoanalysis in Brazil.)

Marcus Bernard Boon. The road of excess: A history of writers on drugs. New York University, 2000, 376 pages. 9970870

David Fred Burgess. Narrative fits: Freud's essay on Dostoevsky (Sigmund Freud, Fyodor Dostoevsky). University Of Washington, 2000, 261 pages. 9975961 (On Freud's discussion of Dostoevsky's seizure disorder.)

Dara Chafik. History of the heart and cardiotherapy as presented in Near Eastern, North African, and the Spanish medical and pharmaceutical texts from the ninth to the thirteenth century AD. Harvard University, 2000, 313 pages. 9972273

Patricia Ann Connor-Ballard. Angels of the mercy fleet: Nursing the ill and wounded aboard the United States Navy hospital ships in the Pacific during World War II. University of Virginia, 2000, 355 pages. 9975400

Dana Ann David. Word, practice and power: The treater's role in Cadien society (Louisiana). University of Louisiana at Lafayette, 2000, 227 pages. 9975264 (A history of traditional healers in Cajun Louisiana.)

Gregory Michael Dorr. Segregation's science: The American eugenics movement and Virginia, 1900–1980. University of Virginia, 2000, 822 pages. 9975519

April Adrian Greek. Pathways to differential adult mortality by socioeconomic status in the United States. University of Washington, 2000, 378 pages. 9975985 (Includes an analysis of historical data, 1860-present.)

Esther Grushkin. Emotions and their effect on the human body as depicted in the Hebrew Bible. New York University, 2000, 197 pages. 9970892

Marcia Ann Hawkins. Havelock Ellis on criminology, sexology, and moral philosophy: Reconciling mysticism and science in Victorian England. The University of Texas at Arlington, 2000, 200 pages. 9976692

Scott Daniel Hughes. The unclosed circle: Los Alamos and the human and environmental legacy of the atom, 1943–1963. The University of New Mexico, 2000, 411 pages. 9976105

Kathryn Jean Keller. Racing immunities: How yellow fever gendered a nation. University of Washington, 2000, 320 pages. 9976004 (Discusses yellow fever during the Spanish-American war and the impact of perceived race-based immunities.)

Theodora P. Kontogiannis. The evolution of understanding grief and bereavement. Seton Hall University, 2000, 157 pages. 9977796 (History of theories about grief in the twentieth century.)

Andre Robert LeBlanc. On hypnosis...


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