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  • Human Rights Quarterly Index to Volumes 1–20

Table of Contents

Author Index 968
Subject Index 1005
Aliens, Immigration & Refugees 1005
Amnesty, Impunity & Truth Commissions 1006
Biographical Profiles 1006
Children’s Rights 1007
Civil & Political Rights 1007
Country Studies 1008
Cultural Relativism & Universalism 1013
Development 1013
Disappearances & Extrajudicial Executions 1014
Economic and Social Rights 1014
Education 1015
Environment 1016
Foreign Policy 1016
Genocide & Crimes Against Humanity 1018
Health 1018
History 1018
Homosexuality, Gay & Lesbian Rights 1019
Indigenous Peoples 1019
Intergovernmental Organizations 1019
Jurisprudence & Philosophy 1020
Labor Rights 1021
Literature & Poetry 1022
Litigation 1023
Minorities 1023
Nongovernmental Organizations 1024
Racial Discrimination & Apartheid 1025
Regional Mechanisms & Area Studies 1026
Religion 1028
Speech, Press & Association, Freedom of 1028
Statistics & Methodology 1029
Technology 1030
Torture 1030
Trade 1030
United Nations 1030
Universities 1033
War, Peace & Humanitarian Law of Armed Conflict 1033
Women’s Rights 1034

Author Index


Afshari, Reza, An Essay on Islamic Cultural Relativism in the Discourse of Human Rights 16(2)235
———, An Essay on Scholarship, Human Rights, and State Legitimacy: The Case of the Islamic Republic of Iran 18(3)544
Agosin, Marjorie, Cities of Life, Cities of Change 12(4)554
———, Democracy for a Ghost Nation, trans. by Paula M. Vega 15(2)406
———, The Generals’ Bonfires: The Death of Rodrigo Rojas in Chile 9(3)423
———, The Generation of Disenchantment 14(1)135
———, How to Speak with the Dead? A Poet’s Notebook 16(1)214
———, Inhabitants of Decayed Palaces: The Dictator in the Latin American Novel 12(2)328
———, Neruda in the Soul, Neruda in Isla Negra 13(2)257
———, Notes on the Poetics of the Acevedo Movement Against Torture 10(3)339
———, An Ode to Joy for Chile 11(2)325
———, Return to Chile, July 1988 11(2)328
———, So We Will Not Forget: Literature and Human Rights in Latin America 10(2)177
———, A Visit to the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo 9(3)426
Aidoo, Akwasi, Africa: Democracy Without Human Rights? 15(4)703
Akhavan, Payam, Justice in The Hague, Peace in the Former Yugoslavia? A Commentary on the United Nations War Crimes Tribunal 20(4)737
———, Punishing War Crimes in the Former Yugoslavia: A Critical Juncture for the New World Order 15(2)262
———, The Yugoslav Tribunal at a Crossroads: The Dayton Peace Agreement and Beyond 18(2)259
Akpan, Moses E., The 1979 Nigerian Constitution and Human Rights 2(2)23
Allen, Rodney G., Martin Cherniack & George J. Andreopoulos, Refining War: Civil Wars and Humanitarian Controls 18(4)747
Alston, Philip, International Trade as an Instrument of Positive Human Rights Policy 4(2)155
———, Labor Rights Provisions in US Trade Law: “Aggressive Unilateralism”? 15(1)1
———, Out of the Abyss: The Challenges Confronting the New U.N. Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights 9(3)332
——— & Gerard Quinn, The Nature and Scope of States Parties’ Obligations Under the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights 9(2)156
———, The Unborn Child and Abortion Under the Draft Convention on the Rights of the Child 12(1)156
———, The UN’s Human Rights Record: From San Francisco to Vienna and Beyond 16(2)375
Anaya, S. James, The Capacity of International Law to Advance Ethnic or Nationality Rights Claims 13(3)403
——— & S. Todd Crider, Indigenous Peoples, The Environment, and Commercial Forestry in Developing Countries: The Case of Awas Tingni, Nicaragua 18(2)345
Andreopoulos, George J., Rodney G. Allen & Martin Cherniack, Refining War: Civil Wars and Humanitarian Controls 18(4)747
An-Na’im, Abdullahi A., Religious Minorities Under Islamic Law and the Limits of Cultural Relativism 9(1)1
Anonymous, Human Rights in Peace Negotiations 18(2)249
Apodaca, Clair, Measuring Women’s Economic and Social Rights Achievement 20(1)139
Arnold, Hugh M., Henry Kissinger and Human Rights 2(4)57
Arzt, Donna E., The Application of International Human Rights Law in Islamic States 12(2)202
Axinn, George H., Human Rights and the International Dimension of Higher Education 6(1)68
Azzam, Fateh S., Update: The Palestinian Independent Commission for Citizens’ Rights 20(2)338
Baehr, Peter R., Concern for Development Aid and Fundamental Human Rights: The Dilemma as Faced by The Netherlands 4(1)39

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