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The editors wish to apologize for the omission of Hiroko Uno’s biography in The Emily Dickinson Journal, Volume VII, Number 2 (1998). Following is a corrected list of misprints in her essay, “‘Chemical Conviction’: Dickinson, Hitchcock and the Poetry of Science,” published in that issue.

HIROKO UNO is Professor of English at Shiga University, Shiga Prefecture, Japan, and is currently Executive Secretary of the Emily Dickinson Society of Japan. She is the author of Emily DickinsonVisits Boston (Kyoto: Yamaguchi Publishing House, 1990) and one of the two translators of Emily Dickinson’s Cookbook (1990). She has contributed three entries to the Emily Dickinson Encyclopedia (1998): “Boston, Mass.,” “Cambridge, Mass.,” and “Edward Hitchcock.” From 1999 she will be Professor of American Literature at Kobe Jogakuin Daigaku (Kobe College), Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

p. 97 l. 4. sis mine) sis mine)2
p. 98 l. 2. Hitchcock.2 Hitchcock.
p. 99 l. 5. universe. universe.3
l.20. Dr. Chalmers3 Dr. Chalmers4
p.100 l. 4. world World
l.17. “Faith”Rallies” “Faith” “Rallies”
l.21. (1859),4 (1859)5
l.29. operations”5 operations”6
l.35. world.6 world.7
p.101 l. 6. inconceivable inconceivably
l.14. Seasons.7 Seasons.8
l.36. (50).8 (50).9
p.102 l. 5. Tody Today
l.14. Lst Last
l.16. Wappear” “appear”
l.18. peot poet
p.103 l. 9. glove globe
l.11. (353; 439).9 (353; 439).10
l.33. whe she
l.34. “efface[e] “efface[d]
p.104 l.16. matter.10 matter.11
p.105 l.10. (Religion, 325) (Religion, 325; 403)
l.14. live.11 live.12
l.25. water.” Water” (Silliman 18).
p.106 l.10. portation portion
l.14 animals.12 animals.13
l.33. disaster.”13 disaster.”14
l.34. delights that delights in the idea that
p.107 l. 1. existence.”14 existence.”15
[There should be a space between lines 2 & 3.]
l. 5. thoughts,” and by thoughts.” She also responded to
l. 6. influence, the influence or of the
l.26. in poems in her poems
p.109 l.29. [Note 10: See page 96.]
l.29. 10. 11.
l.34. 11. 12.
p.110 l. 1. 12. 13.
l. 5. 13. 14.
l. 9. 14. 15.
p.111 l. 3. [“Watts, Very Rev. . .” should be in line 4.]

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