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Eighteenth-Century Studies 36.1 (2002) 149-151

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Books Received*

Books Received through May 2002

Baldwin, Claire. The Emergence of the Modern German Novel: Christoph Martin Wieland, Sophie von La Roche, and Maria Anna Sagar (Rochester: Camden House, 2002). Pp. 262. $65.00.

Blunt, Wilfrid. Linnaeus: The Compleat Naturalist (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2001). Pp. 264. $35.00.

Boch, Julie. Les Dieux désenchantés: La fable dans la pensée française de Huet à Voltaire (1680-1760) (Paris: Honoré Champion Editeur, 2002). Pp. 570. EUR76.00.

Clément, Nicolas. L'abbé Alary (1690-1770): Un homme d'influence au XVIIIe siècle (Paris: Honoré Champion Editeur, 2002). Pp. 210. EUR44.00.

de Beaumont, Charles d'Éon. The Maiden of Tonnerre: The Vicissitudes of the Chevalier and the Chevalière. Trans. Roland A. Champagne, Nina Ekstein, and Gary Kates (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2001). Pp. xxiv + 207. $42.50.

de Boyer, Jean-Baptiste. La philosophie du bon sens: Édition établie et présentée par Guillaume Pigeard de Gurbert (Paris: Honoré Champion Editeur, 2002). Pp. 420. EUR72.20.

de Parny, Évariste. La Guerre des Dieux (1799): Édition critique par Jacques-Charles Lemaire (Paris: Honoré Champion Editeur, 2002). Pp. 232. EUR41.80.

Donoghue, William. Enlightenment Fiction in England, France, and America (Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 2002). Pp. 177. $55.00.

During, Simon. Modern Enchantments (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2002). Pp. x + 336. $35.00.

Etkes, Immanuel. The Gaon of Vilna: The Man and His Image (Berkeley, Los Angeles, London: University of California Press, 2002). Pp. viii + 299. $45.00.

Fauske, Christopher J. Jonathan Swift and the Church of Ireland, 1710-1724 (Portland: Irish Academic Press, 2002). Pp. 192. $49.50.

The Florida Edition of the Works of Laurence Sterne, Vol. 6: A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy and Continuation of the Bramine's Journal. Eds. Melvyn New and W. G. Day (Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 2002). Pp. lxxii + 567. $65.00.

Gordon, Scott Paul. The Power of the Passive Self in English Literature, 1640-1770 (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2002). Pp. xi + 279. $60.00.

Grossman, Jonathan H. The Art of Alibi: English Law Courts and the Novel (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2002). Pp. xii + 202. $39.95.

Hachmeister, Gretchen L. Italy in the German Literary Imagination: Goethe's "Italian Journey" and Its Reception by Eichendorff, Platen, and Heine (Rochester: Camden House, 2002). Pp. xii + 217. $52.00.

Heesen, Anke Te. The World in a Box: The Story of an Eighteenth-Century Picture Encyclopedia. Trans. Ann M. Hentschel (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2002). Pp. xii + 237. $20.00.

Kelly, Ann Cline. Jonathan Swift and Popular Culture: Myth, Media, and the Man (New York: Palgrave, 2002). Pp. xi + 244. $55.00.

Kuchta, David. The Three-Piece Suit and Modern Masculinity: England, 1550-1850 (Berkeley, Los Angeles, London: University of California Press, 2002). Pp. x + 299. $45.00.

Mall, Laurence. Emile ou les figures de la fiction (Oxford: Voltaire Foundation, 2002). Pp. ix + 334. EUR112.00.

Norman, Brian. The Influence of Switzerland on the Life and Writings of Edward Gibbon (Oxford: Voltaire Foundation, 2002). Pp. xv + 176. EUR67.00.

Perman, David. Scott of Amwell: Dr. Johnson's Quaker Critic (UK: Rockingham Press, 2001). Pp. 368. £28.00.

Ramsay, Chevalier Andrew Michael. Les principes philosophiques de la religion naturelle et révélée (Paris: Honoré Champion Editeur, 2002). Pp. 768. EUR54.50.

Roman et religion en France (1713-1866) Ed. Jacques Wagner. (Paris: Honoré Champion Editeur, 2002). Pp. 286. EUR43.70.

Smith, Hilda L. All Men and Both Sexes: Gender, Politics, and the False Universal in England, 1640-1832 (University Park: Penn State University Press, 2002). Pp. xi + 235. $19.95.

Spielmann, Guy. Le Jeu de l'ordre et du chaos: Comédie et pouvoirs à la fin de règne, 1673-1715 (Paris: Honoré Champion Editeur, 2002). Pp. 605. EUR87.40.

Velkley, Richard L. Being after Rousseau: Philosophy and Culture in Question (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2002). Pp. x + 192. $18.00.

Warner, Michael. Publics and Counterpublics (New York: Zone Books, 2002). Pp. 334. $30.00.

Wikborg, Eleanor. The Lover as Father Figure in...


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