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Books Received from 1 March to 1 May 1999

Anderson, Gary Clayton. The Indian Southwest, 1580–1830: Ethnogenesis and Reinvention (Norman: Univ. of Oklahoma Press, 1999). Pp. viii + 376. $39.95 cloth.
Backscheider, Paula R., ed. Selected Fiction and Drama of Eliza Haywood (New York: Oxford Univ. Press, 1999). Pp. xlvi + 313. $49.95 cloth.
Bahr, Ehrhard. The Novel as Archive: The Genesis, Reception, and Criticism of Goethe’s “Wilhelm Meisters Wanderjahre” (Rochester: Camden House, 1998). Pp. xviii + 121. $55.00 cloth.
Barton, H. Arnold. Northern Arcadia: Foreign Travelers in Scandinavia, 1765–1815 (Carbondale: Southern Illinois Univ. Press, 1998). Pp. viii + 223. $39.95 cloth. $29.00 paper.
Beebee, Thomas O. Epistolary Fiction in Europe 1500–1850 (Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press, 1999). Pp. x + 277. $64.95 cloth.
Blussé, Leonard and Femme Gaastra. On the Eighteenth Century as a Category of Asian History (Brookfield: Ashgate, 1998). Pp. vii + 313. $83.95 cloth.
Claydon, Tony and Ian McBride, eds. Protestantism and National Identity: Britain and Ireland, c.1650-c.1850 (Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press, 1998). Pp. xi + 317. $64.95 cloth.
Crook, Keith. A Preface to Swift (New York: Longman, 1998). Pp. vii + 256. £13.99
Cusset, Catherine. Libertinage and Modernity, Yale French Studies 94 (New Haven: Yale Univ. Press, 1999). Pp. 215. $18.00 paper.
Davis, Leith. Acts of Union: Scotland and the Literary Negotiation of the British Nation, 1707–1830 (Stanford: Stanford Univ. Press, 1998). Pp. viii + 219. $39.50 cloth.
Dubin, Lois C. The Port Jews of Habsburg Trieste: Absolutist Politics and Enlightenment Culture (Stanford: Stanford Univ. Press, 1999). Pp. ix + 333. $49.50 cloth.
Haidt, Rebecca. Embodying Enlightenment: Knowing the Body in Eighteenth-Century Spanish Literature and Culture (New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1998). Pp. xi + 279. $45.00 cloth.
Hardman, John, ed. The French Revolution Sourcebook (London: Arnold, 1999). Pp. xvii + 261. £14.99.
Hess, Jonathan M. Reconstructing the Body Politic: Enlightenment, Public Culture, and the Invention of Aesthetic Autonomy (Detroit: Wayne State Univ. Press, 1999). Pp. 286. $39.95
Ingersoll, Thomas N. Mammon and Manon in Early New Orleans: The First Slave Society in the Deep South, 1718–1819 (Knoxville: Univ. of Tennessee Press, 1999). Pp. xxv + 490. $60.00 cloth, $25.00 paper.
Jeremy, David J. Artisans, Entrepreneurs, and Machines: Essays on the Early Anglo-American Textile Industries, 1770–1840s (Brookfield: Ashgate, 1998). Pp. viii + 216. $99.95 cloth.
Kelley, Brooks Mather. Yale: A History (New Haven: Yale Univ. Press, 1999). Pp. xi + 588. $37.50 cloth, $18.50 paper.
Kelley, Donald R. Faces of History: Historical Inquiry from Herodotus to Herder (New Haven: Yale Univ. Press, 1998). Pp. xii + 340. $17.00, paper, $37.50 cloth.
Kidd, Colin. British Identities Before Nationalism: Ethnicity and Nationhood in the Atlantic World, 1600–1800 (Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press, 1999). Pp. viii + 302. $59.95 cloth.
Leidner, Alan C. and Karin A. Wurst. Unpopular Virtue: The Critical Reception of J. M. R. Lenz (Rochester: Camden House, 1999). Pp. xvi + 167. $55.00 cloth.
MacLean, Gerald, Donna Landry, Joseph P. Ward. The Country and the City Revisited: England and the Politics of Culture, 1550–1850 (Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press, 1999). Pp. xiv + 258. $59.95 cloth.
Mander, Jenny. Circles of Learning: Narratology and the Eighteenth-Century French Novel (Oxford: The Voltaire Foundation. 1999). Pp. viii + 32. £40.00.
McInnis Maurie ed. In Pursuit of Refinement: Charlestonians Abroad (Columbia: Univ. of South Carolina Press, 1999). Pp. xix + 350. $52.50 cloth, $23.96 paper.
McManners, John. Church and Society in Eighteenth-Century France. Volume 1: The Clerical Establishment and its Social Ramifications. (New York: Oxford Univ. Press, 1998). Pp. xviii + 817. $155.00 cloth.
McManners, John. Church and Society in Eighteenth-Century France. Volume 2: The Religion of the People and the Politics of Religion. (New York: Oxford Univ. Press, 1998). Pp. xiv + 866. $155.00 cloth.
Methuen, Charlotte. Kepler’s Tibingen: Stimulus to a Theological Mathematics (Brookfield: Ashgate, 1998). Pp. xi + 280. $76.95 cloth.
Murray, Ciaran. Sharawadgi: The Romantic Return to Nature (Bethesda: International Scholars Publications, 1998). Pp. xi + 351. $74.95 cloth.
O’Toole, Fintan. A Traitor’s Kiss: The Life of Richard Brinsley Sheridan, 1751–1816 (New York: Farrar, Straus and...

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