Oskar Skarsaune has suggested that Tertullian, Adv. Prax. 8.5, a passage which other scholars have identified as a Montanist oracle, alludes to Sirach 24. It is fascinating to note that an allusion to Sirach 24 may also hold the key to the proper understanding of the Montanist vision recorded in Epiphanius, Haer. 49.1.2-3. When the details of this vision are read in the light of Sirach 24, a reading which makes a more efficient use of these details than does the usual chiliastic reading, the message of the vision is clear: Pepuza is the earthly dwelling place of Wisdom. Further mentions of wisdom in Montanist testimonies suggest that the Montanists had a charismatic understanding of wisdom: they regarded it as the prophetic unction. The eschatological aspects of the Montanist testimonies, which are usually regarded as central to the Montanist self-understanding, are actually subordinate to other doctrines.

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