North American Public Libraries

MUSE is a great addition to any size public library's selection of research tools, and can enrich your collection with a minimum of effort and expense. Here are a few of the ways MUSE can be invaluable to public libraries, and the lifelong learners whom they serve: everyone from continuing education and high school students, to history hobbyists and book clubs.

  • Peer-reviewed humanities and social science journals in HTML and PDF formats
  • 100% full-text content in a wide variety of subjects, including English and American literature, classics, religion, film, performing arts, American history, cultural studies, political science and economics
  • Scholarly articles, reviews, poetry, fiction, and drama
  • Unlimited access from any computer on the library network and optional remote access
  • Online content that links seamlessly from search tools such as Google and Google Scholar
  • Significant savings over equivalent single title subscriptions

Project MUSE offers three collections of high quality full-text journals to public libraries in the US and Canada: Premium Collection, Standard Collection and Basic College Collection.

Pricing for public libraries is based on the size of the population served by a library or library system. Libraries may choose to subscribe at a price that allows remote access for library users, or they may subscribe at a lower price that does not allow remote access for library users.

The Project MUSE subscription term is the calendar year January 1-December 31. All subscriptions are entered to expire on December 31; there are no rolling subscription terms. Rates for orders placed after the first of the year will be pro-rated to the number of months remaining in the current term. Please direct questions regarding a MUSE subscription and pricing for your library to MUSE Customer Support.

Public libraries outside of North America should use the international academic and public library price quote form.