Open Access and Free Books on MUSE

Project MUSE offers over 500 fully open access (OA) books from several distinguished university presses. The books are provided through the permission of their publishers and are freely available to libraries and users around the world.

The OA books on MUSE:

  • May be searched and browsed using the same tools for all content on MUSE
  • Will appear in search results with MUSE journals and books already owned by participating libraries
  • Require no login or registration for access
  • Are offered DRM-free
  • Provide unlimited downloading and printing

Publishers with open access books on MUSE include Cornell University Press, Utah State University Press, University of Ottawa Press, University of Michigan Press, Ohio State University Press, University Press of Colorado, Leiden University Press, and Brandeis University Press, among others.

Title List

MARC Records


  • From time to time, books may change their status from paid access to OA (open access). When a publisher requests such a change, MUSE responds by unlocking the book to make it open access.
  • Some of these books were previously sold in collections and became open access because of the publisher's decision to do so or through a mechanism such as Knowledge Unlatched.  These titles will still be delivered with their original collection(s) but are no longer included in the pricing for future sales of the applicable collections.

Free Sample Books

The following free sample books are available for libraries to use in evaluating the functionality of books on Project MUSE. All libraries have access to the full-text of these titles.

  1. The Bestiary
  2. Cockroaches
  3. Higher Education and the New Society
  4. The Man in the White House
  5. The Baltimore Elite Giants
  6. The Waning of the Mediterranean