Administrative Tools

These tools will help you manage access to your Project MUSE content.

Usage Statistics

Download usage statistics for your institution, or if appropriate, for your consortium.

Enable OpenURL

Set up links to your OpenURL-compliant linking server for content retrieved in MUSE searches.

MUSE Holdings Tool

Create and download a customized list of journals and/or books data for all MUSE books and/or journals or just those to which your institution has access.

Download KBART Files for Books

Download KBART Phase II compliant data for all books and book collections on MUSE.

Download KBART Files for Journals

Download KBART Phase II compliant data for all journals and journal collections on MUSE.

Download MARC Records

Download catalog record sets in MARC21 format for MUSE books and journals with full level description and Library of Congress (LC) subject headings.

Search Widget

Install the MUSE search widget on your webpage or social networking site to quickly and conveniently search MUSE content.

Discovery and Linking Partners

A list of organizations partnering with MUSE to allow discovery of MUSE content and linking to the full-text in MUSE.

Recommend a Journal

Recommend a journal in the humanities or social sciences, from a non-profit publisher, you would like to see in MUSE.