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Major Steinbeck Publications, 2005-2006
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Articles in Journals

Ariki, Kyoko. "From 'Flight' to The Pearl: A Thematic Study." Steinbeck Review 3.1 (2006): 85-95.
Cerce, Danica. "The Perception of John Steinbeck's Work in Slovenia." Steinbeck Review 3.2 (2006): 63-78.
Clemente, Vince. "John Steinbeck's Sag Harbor: That Place for the Heart to Rest." South Carolina Review 39.1 (2006): 142-55. Personal essay.
Colonnese, Tom. "Louis Owens: The Last Word." Pembroke Magazine 38 (2006): 9-11. Discusses Louis Owens' last essay on Steinbeck, which focused on Of Mice and Men and was published posthumously in the fall 2002 Steinbeck Studies.
Ditsky, John. "Just Folks: John Steinbeck and the American Quest for Anonymity." Steinbeck Review 3.2 (2006): 23-40.
Doyle, Brian Leahy. "Tragedy and the Nonteleological in Of Mice and Men." Steinbeck Review 3.2 (2006): 79-86.
Dunlap, James. "Through the Eyes of Tom Joad: Patterns of American Idealism, Bob Dylan, and the Folk Protest Movement." Popular Music & Society 29.5 (2006): 549-73.
Gaither, Gloria. "John Steinbeck: The Postmodern Mind in the Modern Age." Steinbeck Review 3.1 (2006): 53-68.
Gambino, R. "Coming Home to John Steinbeck's 'Italian American' Novel." Italian Americana 24.1 (2006): 6-8.
George, Stephen K. "Crossing the Oceans: The Future of Steinbeck Studies in America, Japan, and Beyond." Steinbeck Review 3.1 (2006): 98-107.
George, Stephen K. "John Steinbeck's Place within American Literature." Kansai Daigaku Shichokaku Kyoiku [Kansai University Audio-Visual Education] 29 (Mar. 2006): 79-84.
Geraci, Victor W. "National Steinbeck Center Museum." Public Historian 28.4 (2006): 117-20. Reviews the history of the museum and some of its major exhibits.
Gladstein, Mimi R. "Bilingual Wordplay: Variations on a Theme by Hemingway and Steinbeck." Hemingway Review 21.1 (2006): 81-95.
Gladstein, Mimi R. "Steinbeck's Dysfunctional Families: A Coast-to-Coast Dilemma." Steinbeck Review 3.1 (2006): 35-52.
Groneman, William, III. "John Steinbeck: Writer." Roundup Magazine 13.2 (2005): 5-8.
Gladstein, Mimi R. "Steinbeck, Music, Memory, and Mistakes: In Memory of John Ditsky." Steinbeck Review 3.2 (2006): 103-06.
Hashiguchi, Yasuo. "Looking Back on Past International Steinbeck Congresses." Steinbeck Review 3.1 (2006): 23-33.
Jiang, Shuqin, and Qigang Yan. "On the Narrative Structure of 'The Chrysanthemums.'" Foreign Literature Studies 2 (2005): 123-27. In Chinese.
Kobayashi, Masaomi. "Steinbeck and Vegetarianism: An Ecocritical Perspective on The Grapes of Wrath." Journal of the American Literature Society of Japan 4 (2005): 1-17.
Kubota, Aya. "John Steinbeck's Last Warning." Bunka Joshi Daigaku Kiyo, Jimbun Shakaikagaku Kenkyu [Bulletin of Faculty of Humanities and Social Science, Bunka Women's U] 14 (Jan. 2006): 7-15.
Langione, Matthew. "John Steinbeck and the Perfectibility of Man." Steinbeck Review 3.2 (2006): 87-99.
Laws, David. "'The Time at Discove': John Steinbeck in Somerset." Steinbeck Review 3.2 (2006): 127-34.
Loring, Jon. "The Dead Pony: A Critical Analysis—or Scenes from an Eighth Grade English Class." Steinbeck Review 3.2 (2006): 109-25.
McGrath, Kelley. "Major Steinbeck Publications, 2004-2005." Steinbeck Review 3.2 (2006): 169-79.
Mills, Nicolaus. "John Steinbeck's Hurricane Katrina Lesson." Dissent 53.4 (2006): 97-98.
Nakachi, Kozen. "Ikari-no Budo, Yomi-no So, soshite Saishu Bamen [The Grapes of Wrath: The Multi-Layers of Reading and the Last Scene]." Okinawa Kirisutokyo Gakuin Daigaku Ronshu Sokan-go [Journal of Okinawa Christian University, the First Volume] (Feb. 2005): 59-69. In Japanese.
Nakada, Masako. "John Steinbeck's Love for Sinful Women and Mary Magdalene under His Love for Weak Human Beings." Notoru Damu Seishin Joshi Daigaku Daigakuin Kaisetsu Jusshunen Kinen Rombunshu [The Tenth Anniversary of the Establishment of the Notre Dame Seishin University Graduate School] (Nov. 2005): 71-93.
Nakagaki, Kotaro. "In Search of America: Representations of the Other and a Multi-Cultural Future." Steinbeck Studies 29 (John Steinbeck Soc. of Japan, 2006): 36-44.
Niewiadomska-Flis, Urszula. "The Relationship Between an Individual and a Society: Adjustment Disorders of John Steinbeck's Characters." Roczniki Humanistyczne 53.5 (2005): 49-65.
Pugh, Scott. "Horrifying Conclusions: Making Sense of Endings in Steinbeck's Fiction." Steinbeck Review 3.1 (2006): 69-83.
Sugiyama, Takahiko. "Ikari-no Budo to Sobo [The Grapes of Wrath and Sobo, or The People...

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