Theory and Event

Volume 9, Number 2, 2006


Diana Coole and Michael J. Shapiro


On Silence and the Constitution of the Political Community
Paolo Palladino and Tiago Moreira

A Machine That Would Go of Itself: Interpassivity and Its Impact on Political Life
Gijs Van Oenen

Modernity and the State: A Dialogue Between Empire, Multitude and Shield of Achilles
David A. Hughes


Bare Life and the Limits of the Law
Margaret Kohn
Giorgio Agamben, State of Exception

All That is Solid Melts Into Airwaves
Deborah Halbert
McKenzie Wark, A Hacker Manifesto

The Political Acoustics of the Poetic Imagination
Alexander Keller Hirsch
Adriana Cavarero, For More Than One Voice: Toward a Philosophy of Vocal Expression and Simon Critchley, Things Merely Are

Rethinking Politics, Rethinking Theory
James K. Rowe
Warren Magnussun and Karena Shaw, ed., A Political Space: Reading the Global Through Clayoquot Sound



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