Theory and Event

Volume 10, Number 3, 2007


Michael J. Shapiro and Diana Coole


Empire and the Terrain of Democracy
Marc G. Doucet and Carlos Pessoa

DeLillo's Thing: Democracy and Reason in Underworld
Stefan Mattessich

Utilitarian Humanism: Culture in the Service of Regulating 'We Other Humans'
J. Paul Narkunas

Theorizing Utopian Agency: Two Steps Toward Utopian Techniques of the Self
Susan McManus


The Gravity of History: Language, Responsibility and Tragedy in the Middle East
Alexander Barder
Robert Fisk. The Great War for Civilization: The Conquest of the Middle East.

Race, Blood, Land: Fugitive Fictions and the Facts of America
Sanford F. Schram
Michael J. Shapiro, Deforming American Political Thought: Ethnicity, Facticity, Genre.

Benhabib's Cosmopolitan Imperative
Steven Johnston
Seyla Benhabib, Another Cosmopolitanism.

The Reason-Passion Nexus That Liberalism Needs
Laurie E. Naranch
Cheryl Hall, The Trouble With Passion: Political Theory Beyond the Reign of Reason.

Paranoia, Suspicion and the Modern Encounter With the Problem of Agency
Thomas Hawley
John Farrell, Paranoia and Modernity: Cervantes to Rousseau

Deleuze's Philosophy of Creation: A Non-Political Virtual Mysticism?
Sam McLean
Peter Hallward, Out of This World: Deleuze and the Philosophy of Creation



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