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Volume 51, Number 4, October 2010

Table of Contents

In This Issue

In This Issue

pp. a-d

Editor's Note

Passing the Baton

pp. 781-785


Radio before Radio: Araldo Telefonico and the Invention of Italian Broadcasting

pp. 786-808

Wanamaker's Department Store and the Origins of Electronic Media, 1910–1922

pp. 809-828

War, Wireless, and Empire: Marconi and the British Warfare State, 1896–1903

pp. 829-853

Who Invented the Telephone?: Lawyers, Patents, and the Judgments of History

pp. 854-878

Research Note

Robert Fulton's Torpedoes

pp. 879-888

On the Cover

Michigan Central Station, Detroit, 2010

pp. 889-892

Categories of Difference, Categories of Power: Bringing Gender and Race to the History of Technology

pp. 893-918

The History of Technology, the Resistance of Archives, and the Whiteness of Race

pp. 919-937

Mobilizing the History of Technology

pp. 938-960

Back at the Start: History and Technology and Culture

pp. 961-994

Exhibit Review

Joining Art and Science: The Special Exhibition Split and Splice: Fragments from the Age of Biomedicine at the Medical Museion, Copenhagen

pp. 995-1001

Essay Review

Two Views of Cassandra: Lawrence Badash, A Nuclear Winter's Tale John Mueller, Atomic Obsession

pp. 1002-1005

Getting Bucky Fuller Right: Loretta Lorance, Becoming Bucky Fuller

pp. 1006-1009

Classics Revisited

The Machine in Context: Merritt Roe Smith's Harpers Ferry Armory and the New Technology: The Challenge of Change

pp. 1010-1017

Book Reviews

The British Industrial Revolution in Global Perspective (review)

pp. 1018-1019

The Disordered Police State: German Cameralism as Science and Practice (review)

pp. 1020-1021

Secret Science: Spanish Cosmography and the New World (review)

pp. 1021-1023

Framing Finance: The Boundaries of Markets and Modern Capitalism (review)

pp. 1023-1024

Accident Prone: A History of Technology, Psychology, and Misfits of the Machine Age (review)

pp. 1024-1026

Structures of Change in the Mechanical Age: Technological Innovation in the United States, 1790–1865 (review)

pp. 1026-1028

The Yankee Yorkshireman: Migration Lived and Imagined (review)

pp. 1028-1030

John Mackay: Silver King in the Gilded Age (review)

pp. 1030-1031

Fresh: A Perishable History (review)

pp. 1031-1033

Growing American Rubber: Strategic Plants and the Politics of National Security (review)

pp. 1033-1034

Death from the Heavens: A History of Strategic Bombing (review)

pp. 1035-1036

The Atomic Bomb and American Society: New Perspectives (review)

pp. 1036-1038

Truth, Lies, and O-Rings: Inside the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster (review)

pp. 1038-1040

Ferdinand Porsche—Genesis of Genius: Road, Racing, and Aviation Innovation, 1900 to 1933 (review)

pp. 1040-1041

Inventing Autopia: Dreams and Visions of the Modern Metropolis in Jazz Age Los Angeles (review)

pp. 1042-1043

The Nature of Cities: Ecological Visions and the American Urban Professions, 1920–1960 (review)

pp. 1043-1044

Communications under the Seas: The Evolving Cable Network and Its Implications (review)

pp. 1045-1046

The Late Age of Print: Everyday Book Culture from Consumerism to Control (review)

pp. 1046-1048

The Technology of the Novel: Writing and Narrative in British Fiction (review)

pp. 1048-1050

Radio's Hidden Voice: The Origins of Public Broadcasting in the United States (review)

pp. 1050-1051

Inherent Vice: Bootleg Histories of Videotape and Copyright (review)

pp. 1051-1053

Edited Clean Version: Technology and the Culture of Control (review)

pp. 1053-1054

Technological Turf Wars: A Case Study of the Computer Antivirus Industry (review)

pp. 1054-1056

The Cultural Logic of Computation (review)

pp. 1056-1058

The Scientific Life: A Moral History of a Late Modern Vocation (review)

pp. 1058-1060


Update on the Film Metropolis

pp. 1061-1062


Volume 51 (2010)

pp. 1063-1088