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Small Axe

Vol. 5 (2001) through current issue

Small Axe focuses on the renewal of practices of intellectual criticism. It recognizes a tradition of social, political, and cultural criticism in and about regional/disasporic Caribbean and honors that tradition but also argues with it because it is through such argument that a tradition renews itself.

Published by: Duke University Press

Volume 19, 2015

Volume 18, 2014 (43-45)

Volume 17, 2013 (40-42)

Volume 16, 2012 (37-39)

Volume 15, 2011 (34-36)

Volume 14, 2010 (31-33)

Volume 13, 2009 (28-30)

Volume 12, 2008 (25-27)

Volume 11, 2007 (22-24)

Volume 10, 2006 (19-21)

Volume 9, 2005 (17-18)

Volume 8, 2004 (15-16)

Volume 7, 2003 (13-14)

Volume 6, 2002 (11-12)

Volume 5, 2001 (9-10)

E-ISSN: 1534-6714
Print ISSN: 0799-0537

Special Issues

Small Axe #9: The Caribbean Popular

Nadi Edwards, Editor

  • Gordon Rohehr, "The Calypsonian as Artist"
  • Curwen Best, "Technology Constructing Culture: Tracking Soca's First Post
  • Curdella Forbes, "Shakespeare, Other Shakespeares, and West Indian Popular Culture"
  • Loretta Collins, "Yardies and Scotland Yard: Jamaican Dancehall Culture and the Novels of X-Press in Britian"
  • Carol Duncan, "Aunt Jemima in Spiritual Baptist Experience in Toronto"
  • Rinald Walcott, "Caribbean Popular Culture in Canada"
  • Winthrop Holder, "Nothing eh Strange: Black Stalin Speaks!"
  • Mike Alleyne, "Uncovered Roots: Review of Stir it Up: Reggae Album Covers by Chris Morrow"
  • Jan Lo, "No More Lonely Londoners: Review of White Teeth by Zadie Smith"
Price: $16.95

Small Axe #7: Genders and Sexualities

Faith Smith, Editor

  • Faith Smith, "Introduction"
  • Tracy Robinson, "Fictions of Citizenship, Bodies without Sex: The Production and Effacement of Gender in Law"
  • Aparajita Sagar, "AIDS and the Question of Memory: Patricia Powell's A Small Gathering of Bones"
  • Giselle Anatol, "Transforming the Skin-Shedding Soucouynat: Using Folkore to Reclaim Female Agency in Caribbean Literature"
  • Pamela Franco, "The 'Unruly Woman' in Nineteenth-Century Trinidad Carnival"
  • Sean Lokhasingh-Meighoo, "Jahaji Bhai: Notes on the Masculine Subject and Homoerotic Subtext of Indo-Caribbean Identity"
  • Natasha Barnes, "Body Talk: Notes on Women and Spectacle in Contemporary Trinidad Carnival"
  • "Lawson Williams," "Homophobia and Gay Rights in Jamaica"
  • Michelle Cliffe, "Ecce Homo" (short fiction)
  • Ramabai Espinet, "Rain" (short fiction)
  • Thomas Glave, "Toward a Nobility of the Imagination: Jamaica's Shame" (commentary)
  • Antonia MacDonald-Smythe, "Gendering the Nation, Author/izing the Caribbean Subject: Review of Belinda Edmondson's Making Men"
Price: $16.95

Small Axe #6: Debating the Contemporary in Caribbean Art

Annie Paul and Christopher Cozier, Editors

  • Stuart Hall, "Thinking the Diaspora: Home-Thoughts from Abroad"
  • Christopher Cozier, "Between Narratives and Other Spaces"
  • Philip Scher, "Confounding Categories: The Global and the Local in the Process of Caribbean Art"
  • Annie Paul: "'Kill Them with the Now': The Shape of the Present in Contemporary Jamaican Art"
  • Gabrielle Hezekiah, "Conceptualizing the Boundaries of Nation-Space: Some Thoughts on Art, Criticism, and the Creation of a Canon"
  • Virginia Perez-Ratton, "Culture and Politics: From a Museum to an Independent Project"
  • Annalee Davis, "A Conversation with Chris Cozier"
  • Joscelyn Gardner, "Whose Mirror Image: A Review of Art in Barbados"
  • Judith Bettelheim, "Caribbean Art"
  • Andrew Dixon, Foldout

  • Artists' Projects
  • Annalee Davis, "Marvelous Labial Chat"
  • Sendy Nanan, "Time"
  • Eddie Bowen, "The Pyramid Series"
  • Robert Young, "The Cloth"

  • Gallery
  • Images by Guy Beckles, Samuel Walrond, Parma and Prabhu Singh, Che Lovelace, Johnny Stollmeyer, Peter Minshall, Francisco Cabral, Anna Serrao, Steve Ouditt, Wendy Nanan, Eddie Bowen, and the Big River Workshop
Price: $16.95

Small Axe #5: Refiguring Race and Nation: Perspectives on Black Diaspora Nationalisms

  • Faith Smith, "A Man Who Knows His Roots: J.J. Thomas and Current Discourses of Black Nationalism and Canon Formation"
  • Belinda Edmondson, "Jamaica Kincaid and the Genealogy of Exile"
  • Timothy Chin, "Jamaican Popular Culture, Caribbean Literature, and the Representation of Gay and Lesbian Sexuality in the Discourses of Race and Nation"
  • Natasha Barnes, "Reluctant Matriarch: Sylvia Wynter and the Problematics of Caribbean Feminism"
  • Charles V. Carnegie, "Garvey and the Black Transnation"
  • David Scott, "The Archaeology of Black Memory: An Interview with Robert A. Hill"
  • Jennifer Rahim, "The 'Limbo Imagination' and New World Reformation in Earl Lovelace's Salt"
  • Jenny Burman, "'No Problem' for Whom? Tourism Matters in Jamaica"
  • Donette A. Francis, "Unsilencing the Past: Edwidge Danticat's The Farming of Bones"
  • Christopher Cozier, Foldout, "Three Stains on Paper" (from the artist's "Cultural Autopsy" series)
Price: $16.95

Small Axe #4: Aspects of Caribbean Intellectual Tradition

Anthony Bouges, Editor

  • Henry, "Philosophy and the Caribbean Intellectual Tradition"
  • Anthony Bouges, "Investigating the Radical Caribbean Intellectual Tradition"
  • Lewis R. Gordon, "The Problem of Biography in the Study of the Thought of Black Intellectuals"
  • Annie Paul, "Legislating Taste: The Curator's Palette"
  • David Scott, "'No Savior from on High': An Interview with Ken Post"
  • Abigail Hadeed, "Trinidad Theatre Workshop: A Photoessay"
  • Charles Mills's The Radical Contract, a discussion with responses by Lewis Gordon, Anthony Bouges, and Clinton Hutton, and a reply by Charles Mills
Price: $16.95

Editorial Board

Volume 19, Number 2, July 2015 (No. 47)


David Scott


Nijah Cunningham


Gabrielle DaCosta


Kelly S. Martin


Nadève Ménard


Alex Martin


Juliet Ali


Yarimar Bonilla

Charles Carnegie

Kaiama L. Glover

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