Reviews in American History

Reviews in American History 25.3, September 1997


    Dorman, Robert L.
  • History's Divining Rod
    Subject Headings:
    • Book Review: Ayers, Edward L., 1953-. All over the map: rethinking American regions.
    • Regionalism -- United States -- History.
    Juster, Susan.
  • Virginian Luxuries: Sex and Power in a Slave Society
    Subject Headings:
    • Book Review: Brown, Kathleen M., 1960-. Good wives, nasty wenches, and anxious patriarchs: gender, race, and power in colonial Virginia.
    • Sex role -- Virginia -- History -- Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775.
    Ketcham, Ralph Louis, 1927-.
  • The Founding Again: Both Politics and Ideas
    Subject Headings:
    • Book Review: Rakove, Jack N., 1947-. Original meanings: politics and ideas in the making of the Constitution.
    • United States -- Constitutional history.
    Taylor, Alan, 1955-.
  • American Abyss
    Subject Headings:
    • Book Review: Ellis, Joseph J. American sphinx: the character of Thomas Jefferson.
    • Jefferson, Thomas, 1743-1826 -- Psychology.
    Meranze, Michael.
  • A Band of Brothers?
    Subject Headings:
    • Book Review: Bullock, Steven C. Revolutionary brotherhood: Freemasonry and the transformation of the American social order, 1730-1840.
    • Freemasonry -- United States -- History.
    Roth, Randolph A.
  • Liberalizing Vermont
    Subject Headings:
    • Book Review: Shalhope, Robert E., 1941-. Bennington and the Green Mountain Boys: the emergence of liberal democracy in Vermont, 1760-1850.
    • Bennington (Vt.) -- Politics and government.
    Feller, Daniel, 1950-.
  • The Market Revolution Ate My Homework
    Subject Headings:
    • Book Review: Stokes, Melvyn, ed. Market revolution in America: social, political, and religious expressions, 1800-1880.
    • Book Review: Brooks, Charles E. Frontier settlement and market revolution: the Holland Land Purchase .
    • Capitalism -- United States -- History.
    Schiller, Reuel E.
  • Regulation's Hidden History
    Subject Headings:
    • Book Review: Novak, William J., 1961-. People's welfare: law and regulation in nineteenth-century America .
    • Law -- United States -- History.
    Silber, Nina.
  • The Crisis of Confederate Womanhood
    Subject Headings:
    • Book Review: Faust, Drew Gilpin. Mothers of invention: women of the slaveholding South in the American Civil War.
    • Women -- Confederate States of America -- History.
    Thornton, Tamara Plakins, 1957-.
  • Habeas Corpus: Death in Nineteenth-Century America
    Subject Headings:
    • Book Review: Laderman, Gary, 1962-. Sacred remains: American attitudes toward death, 1799-1883.
    • Funeral rites and ceremonies -- Northeastern States -- History -- 19th century.
    Lewis, Earl.
  • Believing That Race Counted
    Subject Headings:
    • Book Review: Sears, Richard D., 1940-. Utopian experiment in Kentucky: integration and social equality at Berea, 1866-1904.
    • College integration -- Kentucky -- Berea -- History -- 19th century.
    Rosner, David, 1947-.
  • Getting Under Your Skin: X-rays as Social History
    Subject Headings:
    • Book Review: Howell, Joel D. Technology in the hospital: transforming patient care in the early twentieth century.
    • Hospitals -- United States -- Diagnostic services -- History -- 20th century.
    Roeder, George H.
  • Putting a Face to the Name
    Subject Headings:
    • Book Review: Brayer, Elizabeth. George Eastman: a biography.
    • Eastman, George, 1854-1932.
    Deverell, William Francis.
  • All Waters Run Deep
    Subject Headings:
    • Book Review: Pisani, Donald J. Water, land, and law in the West: the limits of public policy, 1850-1920.
    • Water-supply -- Government policy -- West (U.S.) -- History.
    Brownlee, W. Elliot, 1941-.
  • State Building as Sandwich Making
    Subject Headings:
    • Book Review: Berkowitz, Edward D. Mr. Social Security: the life of Wilbur J. Cohen.
    • Book Review: Tynes, Sheryl R., 1957-. Turning points in Social Security: from "cruel hoax" to "sacred entitlement".
    • Social security -- United States -- History.
    Critchlow, Donald T., 1948-.
  • What's In and What's Out
    Subject Headings:
    • Book Review: Sparrow, Bartholomew H., 1959-. From the outside in: World War II and the American state.
    • United States -- Politics and government -- 1933-1945.
    Reagan, Patrick D., 1953-.
  • Fighting the Good War at Home
    Subject Headings:
    • Book Review: Jeffries, John W., 1942-. Wartime America: the World War II home front.
    • World War, 1939-1945 -- United States.
    Weigley, Russell Frank.
  • The Last Black Regiment
    Subject Headings:
    • Book Review: Bowers, William T., 1946-. Black soldier, white army: the 24th Infantry Regiment in Korea.
    • United States. Army. Infantry Regiment, 24th -- History.
    Ferrell, Robert H.
  • Gender and Foreign Policy
    Subject Headings:
    • Book Review: Jeffreys-Jones, Rhodri. Changing differences: women and the shaping of American foreign policy, 1917-1994.
    • Women in politics -- United States -- History -- 20th century.
    Moore, Deborah Dash, 1946-.
  • Promises, Promises
    Subject Headings:
    • Book Review: Waldinger, Roger David. Still the promised city?: African-Americans and new immigrants in postindustrial New York.
    • Afro-Americans -- New York (State) -- New York -- Economic conditions.
    Zelizer, Julian E.
  • Defining Health Care Reform
    Subject Headings:
    • Book Review: Hacker, Jacob S. Road to nowhere: the genesis of President Clinton's plan for health security.
    • Health care reform -- United States.


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