Reviews in American History

Reviews in American History 23.4, December 1995


    Bowman, Shearer Davis.
  • Railroads,Politics, and Comparative History
    Subject Headings:
    • Review of: Dobbin, Frank. Forging industrial policy.
    • Review of: Dunlavy, Colleen A., 1950-. Politics and industrialization.
    • Railroads -- History.
    Chambers-Schiller, Lee Virginia, 1948-.
  • Gender Equity and the Civil War
    Subject Headings:
    • Review of: Leonard, Elizabeth D. Yankee women.
    • Review of: Holmes, Emma. Diary of Miss Emma Holmes, 1861-1866.
    • United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Participation, Female.
    Harris, Howell John, 1951-.
  • Exceptionally Knights
    Subject Headings:
    • Review of: Voss, Kim. Making of American exceptionalism.
    • Knights of Labor -- History.
    Gordon, Colin, 1962-.
  • Still Searching for Progressivism
    Subject Headings:
    • Review of: Eisenach, Eldon J. Lost promise of progressivism.
    • Progressivism (United States politics).
    Teaford, Jon C.
  • Sleuthing the Urban Mystery
    Subject Headings:
    • Review of: Fairfield, John, 1955-. Mysteries of the great city.
    • Review of: Ford, Larry. Cities and buildings.
  • City planning -- United States -- History.
      Miller, Char, 1951-.
    • Down These Mean Streets
      Subject Headings:
      • Review of: Hurley, Andrew, 1961-. Environmental inequalities.
      • Pollution -- Social aspects -- Indiana -- Gary.
      Schatz, Ronald W., 1949-.
    • What's Wrong With Industrial Relations?
      Subject Headings:
      • Review of: Kaufman, Bruce E. Origins and evolution of the field of industrial relations in the United States.
      • Industrial relations -- United States -- History.
      Biel, Steven, 1960-.
    • The Left and Public Memory
      Subject Headings:
      • Review of: Avrich, Paul. Anarchist voices.
      • Review of: Fariello, Griffin. Red scare.
      • Communism -- United States -- History.
      Baaughman, James L., 1952-.
    • Cold War Sources: Joseph Alsop and Vietnam
      Subject Headings:
      • Review of: Wyatt, Clarence R. Paper soldiers.
      • Review of: Yoder, Edwin. Joe Alsop's cold war.
      • Vietnamese Conflict, 1961-1975 -- Mass media and the conflict.
      Joselit, Jenna Weissman.
    • Jewish Geography
      Subject Headings:
      • Review of: Moore, Deborah Dash, 1946-. To the golden cities.
      • Jews -- United States -- Migrations.

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