portal: Libraries and the Academy

portal: Libraries and the Academy
Volume 6, Number 1, January 2006
Guest Editor: James G. Neal


Guest Editorial


    Metz, Paul, 1948-
    Gasser, Sharon.
  • Analyzing Current Serials in Virginia: An Application of the Ulrich's Serials Analysis System
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    Subject Headings:
    • Serials control systems -- Virginia.
    • Periodical selection -- Virginia.
    • Cooperative collection development (Libraries) -- Virginia.
      VIVA (the Virtual Library of Virginia) was one of the first subscribers to R. R. Bowker's Ulrich's Serials Analysis System (USAS). Creating a database that combined a union report of current serial subscriptions within most academic libraries in the state with the data elements present in Ulrich's made possible a comprehensive analysis designed to inform collective decision-making about serials. The results of this analysis, especially as they pertain to possible efforts to preserve subscriptions within the state or to add subscriptions to targeted new titles, are presented. Problems with using the resource and anticipated product enhancements are also discussed.
    Royse, Molly.
    Conner, Tiffani.
    Miller, Tamara.
  • Charting a Course for Diversity: An Experience in Climate Assessment
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    Subject Headings:
    • Diversity in the workplace -- Tennessee -- Knoxville -- Evaluation.
    • Library employees -- Tennessee -- Knoxville -- Attitudes.
    • Library personnel management -- Tennessee -- Knoxville.
      The University of Tennessee Libraries' Diversity Committee administered a climate assessment survey to determine the readiness of the libraries for a comprehensive diversity initiative. This article discusses the design and methodology of the survey and analyzes the results. The survey served as a valuable starting point in charting a successful inclusive future for the libraries and provided the libraries with benchmarks for measuringthe progressand successof its diversityprograms. The survey project continues to guide the committee in its planning and contributes to other library diversity climate assessment efforts, a few of which are being reported.
    Van Scoyoc, Anna M.
    Cason, Caroline.
  • The Electronic Academic Library: Undergraduate Research Behavior in a Library Without Books
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    Subject Headings:
    • Digital libraries -- Georgia -- Athens -- Use studies.
    • Academic libraries -- Georgia -- Athens -- Use studies.
    • Libraries and education -- Georgia -- Athens.
    • College students -- Services for -- Georgia -- Athens.
      This study examines undergraduate students' research habits in a strictly electronic library environment at a large public university. Unlike most information commons, the campus' electronic library is not housed within a traditional library space and provides access to electronic research materials exclusively. This study finds that undergraduate students in this electronic library rely primarily on Internet sites and online instruction modules (for example Blackboard or WebCT) for their research needs rather than university-funded research sources. Additionally, academic class status has no significant impact on whether students use either the library's OPAC or the university-funded electronic databases for their research needs. The authors discuss possible reasons for these findings, new pedagogical practices as indicated by the results, and define areas for further research.
    Jankowska, Maria Anna.
    Hertel, Karen.
    Young, Nancy J., 1949-
  • Improving Library Service Quality to Graduate Students: LibQual+TM Survey Results in a Practical Setting
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    Subject Headings:
    • Academic libraries -- Idaho -- Moscow -- Use studies.
    • Academic libraries -- Idaho -- Moscow -- Evaluation.
    • Graduate students -- Services for -- Idaho -- Moscow.
    • Graduate students -- Idaho -- Moscow -- Attitudes.
      The LibQUAL+TM survey was conducted to determine user satisfaction and expectations concerning library service quality. The results of the "22 items and a box" constituted a rich source of information for the University of Idaho (UI) Library's strategic planning process. Focusing on graduate students, this study used three methodologies to analyze survey results. The first method, internal benchmarking, compared UI graduate students to UI faculty, staff, and undergraduates. Secondly, external benchmarking using score norms evaluated UI graduate student results against their peers from other non-ARL libraries participating in the 2004 LibQUAL+TM survey. Lastly, categorizing and carefully considering survey comments enriched the quantitative data by adding context to the numbers.
    Wang, Rui.
  • The Lasting Impact of a Library Credit Course
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    Subject Headings:
    • Library orientation for college students -- Michigan -- Mount Pleasant -- Evaluation.
    • Bibliographical citations -- Evaluation.
      This study found that there were statistically significant differences in citation use and grades between students who took a library credit course and students who did not. The results of independent samples t-tests indicated that the student group that took a library credit course cited more scholarly resources, produced fewer incomplete citations, and received higher grades for its papers and courses. The data included 836 citations produced by 120 student papers and the students' grades for their papers and courses in the fall of 2004. Additionally, the survey results revealed that the students' acquisition of bibliographic research and citation skills was directly attributable to the library credit course, whereas their counterparts tended to rely on informal sources. The evidence supports the lasting impact of a library credit course on student learning.


Stategic Visioning

    Campbell, Nancy F.
    Wesley, Threasa L.
  • Collaborative Dialogue: Repositioning the Academic Library
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    Subject Headings:
    • Academic libraries -- Aims and objectives -- Kentucky -- Highland Heights.
    • Libraries and colleges -- Kentucky -- Highland Heights.
    • Libraries and education -- Kentucky -- Highland Heights.

Information Technology Perspectives

    Zazzau, Vivien-Elizabeth.
  • Becoming Information Literate about Information Technology and the Ethics of Toxic Waste
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    Subject Headings:
    • Waste electronic apparatus and appliances -- Moral and ethical aspects.
    • Information literacy -- Study and teaching (Higher)
    • Librarians -- Professional ethics.
      As instruction librarians and other faculty encourage the classroom use of information technologies, ethical issues arise. Information literacy students are frequently taught about a number of ethical, legal, and social issues involved in the use of information technology. However, the environmental impact of electronic waste (e-waste), the product of our industrialized society, is one issue that has received scant attention. This article explores the ethical and social justice issues inherent in the life cycle of computer technologies. It discusses the role that university faculty can play to increase awareness of ecological and social responsibility and offers guidance for information literacy instructors about how to incorporate information concerning the ethical use of information technologies in the curriculum.


    Burich, Nancy J.
  • The Eleventh Off-Campus Library Services Conference Proceedings (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • Mahoney, Patrick, 1964-, ed. Eleventh Off-Campus Library Services conference proceedings.
    • Academic libraries -- Off-campus services -- Congresses.
    Ramaswamy, Mohan.
  • Emerging Issues in the Electronic Environment: Challenges for Librarians and Searchers in the Sciences (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • Miller, Jeannie P., ed. Emerging issues in the electronic environment: challenges for librarians and researchers in the sciences.
    • Scientific libraries -- Information technology.
    Schreibman, Susan.
  • The Laws of Cool: Knowledge Work and the Culture of Information (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • Liu, Alan, 1953- Laws of cool: knowledge work and the culture of information.
    • Information society.
    Phillips, Linda L. (Linda Lucille), 1947-
  • Licensing in Libraries: Practical and Ethical Aspects (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • Rupp-Serrano, Karen, ed. Licensing in libraries: practical and ethical aspects.
    • Copyright licenses -- United States.
    Goetsch, Lori A., 1954-
  • Strategic Planning and Management for Library Managers (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • Matthews, Joseph R. Strategic planning and management for library managers.
    • Library administration.
    Johnson, Travis.
  • Briefly Noted
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    Subject Headings:
    • Cuddy, Colleen. Using PDAs in libraries: a how-to-do-it manual.
    • French, Patricia Sheldahl, ed. Growth, creativity and collaboration: great visions on a great lake: NASIG 2004.
    • Mering, Margaret, ed.
    • Harada, Violet H. Assessing learning: librarians and teachers as partners.
    • Yoshina, Joan M.
    • Connor, Elizabeth, MLS, ed. Planning, renovating, expanding, and constructing library facilities in hospitals, academic medical centers, and health organizations.

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