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portal: Libraries and the Academy
Volume 5, Number 1, January 2005



    Lowry, Charles B., 1942-
  • Editorial: Continuous Organizational Development--Teamwork, Learning Leadership, and Measurement
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    Subject Headings:
    • Organizational change -- United States.
    • Academic libraries -- United States -- Administration.


    Hill, Janet Swan.
  • Constant Vigilance, Babelfish, and Foot Surgery: Perspectives on Faculty Status and Tenure for Academic Librarians
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    Subject Headings:
    • Academic librarians -- Faculty status -- United States.
    • Academic librarians -- Tenure -- United States.
      Faculty status and tenure for academic librarians are topics of continuous discussion. The rationales for having a tenure system have relevance for librarians but affect librarians differently than they do other faculty. A well-conceived tenure system can enhance a library's vitality and effectiveness, but maintaining the system requires commitment by faculty and administrators, understanding differences in faculty cultures, documentation, communication, understanding peer review, and support for scholarly work. Several idiosyncratic perspectives on tenure for librarians, including lessons to be learned from single-sex colleges, computer translation programs, and figure skating are offered.
    Lightman, Harriet.
    Reingold, Ruth N.
  • A Collaborative Model for Teaching E-Resources: Northwestern University's Graduate Training Day
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    Subject Headings:
    • Academic libraries -- Relations with faculty and curriculum -- Illinois -- Evanston.
    • Library orientation for college students -- Illinois -- Evanston.
    • Information literacy -- Study and teaching (Graduate) -- Illinois -- Evanston.
    • Northwestern University (Evanston, Ill.) -- Graduate students.
      The authors report on the planning, execution, and future of Northwestern University's Introduction to Electronic Resources/Humanities Computing Training Day, a mandatory one-day set of classes for first-year doctoral students in humanities disciplines. The project is a collaborative effort among the Office of the Dean of the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences; the University Library; and Academic Technologies. In this case study the authors explain the intricacies of the program and set it in the context of current thought and practices regarding graduate student training and collaborative ventures.
    Pisciotta, Henry A.
    Dooris, Michael J.
    Frost, James.
    Halm, Michael.
  • Penn State's Visual Image User Study
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    Subject Headings:
    • Pictures as information resources -- Pennsylvania.
    • Image processing -- Digital techniques.
    • Pennsylvania State University -- Information services.
      The Visual Image User Study (VIUS), an extensive needs assessment project at Penn State University, describes academic users of pictures and their perceptions. These findings outline the potential market for digital images and list the likely determinates of whether or not a system will be used. They also explain some key user requirements for teaching, independent learning, and collection management. The importance of picture collections maintained by individuals is underscored, as is the desire of users to easily mix pictures from their collections with those from databases and other sources. Two prototypical services were tested: an image database service and a more experimental peer-to-peer system named LionShare.
    Honey, Sadie L.
  • Preservation of Electronic Scholarly Publishing: An Analysis of Three Approaches
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    Subject Headings:
    • Libraries and electronic publishing -- United States.
    • Scholarly publishing -- United States.
    • Digital preservation -- United States.
      Scholars publish in journals to preserve their work and to make sure that it is available for current and future researchers. More and more of this publishing is done in electronic format. Libraries, the institutions that have traditionally overseen the preservation of print publications, are now struggling with the preservation of digital scholarly works. Issues of technical and licensing constraints and economic concerns must be addressed. This paper analyzes three approaches to the preservation and archiving of electronic scholarly publishing. A set of basic criteria is applied to dark archives, moving wall, and caching approaches.
    Seaman, Scott.
  • Salary Compression in the Association of Research Libraries
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    Subject Headings:
    • Academic librarians -- Salaries, etc. -- United States.
    • Wage surveys -- United States.
    • Research libraries -- United States.
      Using salary data from the ARL Annual Salary Survey, this paper analyzes 2003-2004 salary data for evidence of salary compression. It reviews the concept of salary compression to explain its relationship to market salary rates and salary dispersion within an organization. The analysis utilizes comparison ratios between salaries and years of service of the 16 formally defined ARL position classifications. For each position classification (i.e., reference librarian, cataloger, circulation department head, and so on) average salaries are analyzed at the entry level, mid-career, and senior level for evidence of salary compression. It finds evidence for salary compression for several ARL position classifications between the mid- and senior-career levels. It finds no evidence that entry-level salaries are causing compression among mid-career librarians. However, the comparison ratio technique used to investigate evidence of compression precludes drawing larger conclusions for the reasons such compression exists.
    Wei, Youhua.
    Thompson, Bruce.
    Cook, C. Colleen.
  • Scaling Users' Perceptions of Library Service Quality Using Item Response Theory: A LibQUAL+TM Study
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    Subject Headings:
    • Academic libraries -- United States -- Use studies.
    • Academic libraries -- United States -- Evaluation -- Statistical methods.
      LibQUAL+TM data to date have not been subjected to the modern measurement theory called polytomous item response theory (IRT). The data interpreted here were collected from 42,090 participants who completed the "American English" version of the 22 core LibQUAL+TM items, and 12,552 participants from Australia and Europe who completed the "British English" version of the 22 core LibQUAL+TM items. Results suggest that the LibQUAL+TM protocol has psychometric integrity, that American English participants tend to be somewhat less critical of library service quality, and that students and faculty have fairly similar views of library service quality.
    Cameron, Brian D.
  • Trends in the Usage of ISI Bibliometric Data: Uses, Abuses, and Implications
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    Subject Headings:
    • Institute for Scientific Information.
    • Citation indexes.
    • Periodical selection -- United States.
    • Science -- Periodicals.


Strategic Visioning

    Connaway, Lynn Silipigni.
  • Physical Space for Virtual Services and Collections
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    Subject Headings:
    • Internet access for library users -- United States.
    • Digital libraries -- United States -- Use studies.


    Wood, Elizabeth J.
  • High Tech, High Touch: Library Customer Service Through Technology (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • Jurewicz, Lynn. High tech, high touch: library customer service through technology.
    • Cutler, Todd.
    • Libraries and the Internet.
    Johnson, Peggy, 1948-
  • Innovative Redesign and Reorganization of Library Technical Services: Paths for the Future and Case Studies (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • Eden, Bradford Lee, ed. Innovative redesign and reorganization of library technical services: paths for the future and case studies.
    • Technical services (Libraries) -- Management.
    Zhang, Sha Li.
  • Leadership and Management Principles in Libraries in Developing Countries (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • Wei, Wei, 1952-, ed. Leadership and management principles in libraries in developing countries.
    • Johnson, Sue O'Neill, ed.
    • Piggott, Sylvia E. A., ed.
    • Libraries -- Developing countries.
    Turvey, Michelle R.
  • Metadata in Practice (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • Hillmann, Diane I. (Diane Ileana), 1948-, ed. Metadata in practice.
    • Westbrooks, Elaine L., ed.
    • Information organization.
    Verschelden, Cia.
  • Outcomes Assessment in Higher Education: Views and Perspectives (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • Hernon, Peter, ed. Outcomes assessment in higher education: views and perspectives.
    • Dugan, Robert E., 1952-, ed.
    • Education, Higher -- United States -- Evaluation.
    Blair, Amy.
  • Outreach Services in Academic and Special Libraries (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • Kelsey, Paul, ed. Outreach services in academic and special libraries.
    • Kelsey, Sigrid, ed.
    • Library outreach programs -- United States -- Case studies.

Briefly Noted

    Johnson, Travis.
  • Briefly Noted
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    Subject Headings:
    • Russell, Carrie, ed. Complete copyright: an everyday guide for librarians.
    • Reitz, Joan M. Dictionary for library and information science.
    • Bartel, Julie. From A to zine: building a winning zine collection in your library.
    • Brophy, Peter, 1950-, ed. Libraries without walls 5: the distributed delivery of library and information services.
    • Fisher, Shelagh, 1953-, ed.
    • Craven, Jenny, 1961-, ed.
    • Evans, G. Edward, 1937- Performance management and appraisal: a how-to-do-it manual for librarians.
    • French, Patricia Sheldahl, ed. Serials in the park: NASIG 2003.
    • Worthing, Richard (Richard L.), ed.

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