portal: Libraries and the Academy

portal: Libraries and the Academy
Volume 4, Number 3, July 2004


Guest Editorial

    Marcum, Deanna B.
  • The DODL, the NDIIPP, and the Copyright Conundrum
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    Subject Headings:
    • Distributed Open Digital Library.
    • National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (U.S.)
    • Copyright and electronic data processing.


    Meola, Marc.
  • Chucking the Checklist: A Contextual Approach to Teaching Undergraduates Web-Site Evaluation
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    Subject Headings:
    • Computer network resources -- Evaluation.
    • Information literacy -- Study and teaching.
      This paper criticizes the checklist model approach (authority, accuracy, objectivity, currency, coverage) to teaching undergraduates how to evaluate Web sites. The checklist model rests on faulty assumptions about the nature of information available through the Web, mistaken beliefs about student evaluation skills, and an exaggerated sense of librarian expertise in evaluating information. The checklist model is difficult to implement in practice and encourages a mechanistic way of evaluating that is at odds with critical thinking. A contextual approach is offered as an alternative. A contextual approach uses three techniques: promoting peer- and editorially-reviewed resources, comparison, and corroboration. The contextual approach promotes library resources, teaches information literacy, and encourages reasoned judgments of information quality.
    Lakos, Amos, 1946-
    Phipps, Shelley E.
  • Creating a Culture of Assessment: A Catalyst for Organizational Change
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    Subject Headings:
    • Library administration.
    • Organizational effectiveness -- Evaluation.
    • Corporate culture.
      In the rapidly changing information environment, libraries have to demonstrate that their services have relevance, value, and impact for stakeholders and customers. To deliver effective and high quality services, libraries have to assess their performance from the customer point of view. Moving to an assessment framework will be more successful if staff and leaders understand what is involved in organizational culture change. This paper describes the new paradigm of building a culture of assessment, and places it in the framework of organizational culture change, utilizing a learning organization and systems thinking approach.
    Whitmire, Ethelene.
  • The Campus Racial Climate and Undergraduates' Perceptions of the Academic Library
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    Subject Headings:
    • College students -- Wisconsin -- Madison -- Attitudes.
    • Academic libraries -- Wisconsin -- Madison -- Public opinion.
    • Madison (Wis.) -- Race relations -- Public opinion.
    • Public opinion -- Wisconsin -- Madison.
    • Libraries and minorities -- United States.
      Using secondary data analyses, this study investigated the relationship between the campus racial climate and how 851 White and 252 students of color attending a midwestern Research I predominantly White institution perceived the academic libraries on campus. Results indicated that race-related aspects of the campus environment were correlated to the perception of the academic libraries for White undergraduates. This was not the case for the students of color. Future research on this topic is suggested in the conclusion.
    Davis, Philip M.
  • For Electronic Journals, Total Downloads Can Predict Number of Users
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    Subject Headings:
    • Electronic journals -- Use studies.
    • Electronic journals -- Statistics.
      Results from two multiple regression models involving HighWire journal subscriptions in 2003 for 16 participating universities in the United States, United Kingdom, and Sweden indicate a highly predictive relationship between the number of article downloads and the number of users—meaning that the size of a user population can be estimated by just knowing the total use of a journal. The relationship is consistent over time and across institutions and appears to be unrelated to the subject, size, or popularity of a journal. It is not consistent across publishers, however, suggesting that an "interface effect" may exist. The development of a Project COUNTER standard to deal with extreme or abnormal journal usage is necessary if we wish to compare the performance of journals across publishers.
    Carney, Stephen.
    Koufogiannakis, Denise.
    Ryan, Pam.
  • Library Services for Users of Personal Digital Assistants: A Needs Assessment and Program Evaluation
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    Subject Headings:
    • Pocket computers.
    • Academic libraries -- Technological innovations.
    • Public services (Libraries)
      Research was undertaken to guide development of services for personal digital assistant (PDA) users at the University of Alberta Libraries. A variety of qualitative methods were used to assess user satisfaction with current PDA services and identify potential PDA services for the libraries and resources. The research and needs assessment results demonstrate an emerging interest in PDA technologies supported by the libraries, as well as the types of services and resources users would value. Results guided the libraries' direction and encouraged further expansion of services.
    Sapon-White, Richard.
    King, Valery.
    Christie, Anne.
  • Supporting a Culture of Scholarship for Academic Librarians
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    Subject Headings:
    • Oregon State University. Library Faculty Association.
    • Academic librarians as authors -- Oregon.
    • Academic librarians -- Oregon -- Attitudes.
      Academic library faculty require a supportive atmosphere in order to successfully engage in research and publication. At Oregon State University, the Library Faculty Association (LFA) provides venues for peer criticism of manuscripts and presentations and for the discussion of professional issues. A survey of LFA members on their level of participation in the association and their attitudes toward its various programs revealed that most were frequent participants in LFA activities and had a high regard for them. Differences in response were found between tenured and untenured faculty. Strategies for increasing the association's impact are suggested.

Features: Information Technology Perspectives

    Younger, Jennifer A.
  • On the Deliberate Transition to E-Journals
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    Subject Headings:
    • Electronic journals -- Publishing -- Case studies.
    • American midland naturalist.
    • Notre Dame journal of formal logic.
      The author suggests that the deliberate pace at which independent scholarly journals are going online should neither be considered a surprise nor a cause for alarm. Library goals, while supportive of those of the faculty and universities, are not synonymous with faculty and university goals. She describes the issues encountered by two journals, both published by the University of Notre Dame, when going online.


    Tang, Rong.
  • Applied Informetrics for Information Retrieval Research (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • Wolfram, Dietmar, 1964- Applied informetrics for information retrieval research.
    • Bibliometrics.
    Carpenter, Kathryn Hammell.
  • Beyond the Basics: The Management Guide for Library and Information Professionals (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • Evans, G. Edward, 1937- Beyond the basics: the management guide for library and information professionals.
    • Ward, Patricia Layzell.
    • Library administration.
    Adlington, Janice.
  • Fundamentals of Collection Development & Management, and: Collection Development Policies: New Directions for Changing Collections (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • Johnson, Peggy, 1948- Fundamentals of collection development & management.
    • Mack, Daniel C., ed. Collection development policies: new directions for changing collections.
    • Collection development (Libraries)
    Golian-Lui, Linda Maria.
  • Librarian Compensation Handbook: A Guide for Administrators, Librarians and Staff (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • Baldwin, David A. (David Allen), 1946- Librarian compensation handbook: a guide for administrators, librarians and staff.
    • Library employees -- Salaries, etc. -- United States.
    Ford, Annie Marie.
  • The Next Library Leadership: Attributes of Academic and Public Library Directors (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • Hernon, Peter. Next library leadership: attributes of academic and public library directors.
    • Powell, Ronald R.
    • Young, Arthur P.
    • Library directors -- United States.
    Marsh, Emily.
  • Seeking Meaning: A Process Approach to Library and Information Services (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • Kuhlthau, Carol Collier, 1937- Seeking meaning: a process approach to library and information services.
    • Reference services (Libraries)

Briefly Noted

    Johnson, Travis.
  • Briefly Noted
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    Subject Headings:
    • Conrad, Rita-Marie. Engaging the online learner: activities and resources for creative instruction.
    • Donaldson, J. Ana.
    • Driscoll, Lori. Electronic reserve: a manual and guide for library staff members.
    • Sarkodie-Mensah, Kwasi, ed. Managing the twenty-first century reference department: challenges and prospects.
    • Luker, Mark A., 1947-, ed. Computer and network security in higher education.
    • Petersen, Rodney J., ed.
    • Bazirjian, Rosann, ed. Charleston Conference proceedings, 2002.
    • Speck, Vicky H., ed.


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