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Volume 13, Number 1, April 1989

Table of Contents

Montaigne and the Mirror of Example

pp. 1-15 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0073

On Not Deconstructing the Difference between Literature and Philosophy

pp. 16-27 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0081

Pluralist Theory-Fictions and Fictional Politics

pp. 28-41 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0089

Kant and Romanticism

pp. 42-56 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0049

Art, Narrative, and Human Nature

pp. 57-74 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0056

Wittgenstein, Henry James, and Epistemological Fiction

pp. 75-95 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0063

Aesthetic Education or Aesthetic Ideology: T. S. Eliot on Art's Moral Critique

pp. 96-114 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0070

Individualism, Historicism, and New Styles of Overreaching

pp. 115-126 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0078

Proust and Peirce, Time and Memory

pp. 127-133 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0086

Re(ad) Me; Re(ad) Myself

pp. 134-139 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0093

Nietzsche, Foucault, Tragedy

pp. 140-150 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0053

Radical Hermeneutics: Repetition, Deconstruction, and the Hermeneutic Project (review)

pp. 151-162 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0060

Practicing Enlightenment (review)

pp. 163-171 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0067

Novel Configurations: A Study of French Fiction (review)

pp. 172-173 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0075

Bergson, Eliot, and American Literature (review)

pp. 173-175 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0083

Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Transparency and Obstruction (review)

pp. 175-176 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0091

György Lukács and the Literary Pretext (review)

pp. 176-178 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0051

Hermeneutics & the Sociology of Knowledge (review)

pp. 178-179 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0058

Milton and Free Will: An Essay in Criticism and Philosophy (review)

pp. 179-180 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0065

The Intellectual Enterprise: Sartre and Les Temps Modernes (review)

pp. 181-182 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0072

Albert Camus, The Stranger (review)

pp. 182-183 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0080

Did the Greeks Believe in Their Myths? An Essay on the Constitutive Imagination (review)

pp. 184-185 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0088

Altarity (review)

pp. 185-186 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0048

Inscriptions: Between Phenomenology and Structuralism (review)

pp. 187-188 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0055

Samuel Johnson and Three Infidels: Rousseau, Voltaire, Diderot (review)

pp. 188-190 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0062

Modern Fiction and Human Time: A Study in Narrative and Belief (review)

pp. 190-191 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0069

Philosophy and the Art of Writing (review)

pp. 191-192 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0077

The Surprising Effects of Sympathy: Marivaux, Diderot, Rousseau and Mary Shelley (review)

pp. 193-194 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0085

The New Criterion Reader: The First Five Years (review)

pp. 194-195 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0092

Sartre after Sartre (review)

pp. 195-197 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0052

Find You the Virtue: Ethics, Image, and Desire in Literature (review)

pp. 197-198 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0059

A World of Difference (review)

pp. 198-199 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0066

History, Politics, and the Novel (review)

pp. 200-201 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0074

Time and Narrative (review)

pp. 201-202 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0082

Sartre: Literature and Theory (review)

pp. 203-204 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0090

Derrida (review)

pp. 204-205 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0050

Allegory: The Dynamics of an Ancient and Medieval Technique (review)

pp. 205-207 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0057

Hugh MacDiarmid and the Russians (review)

pp. 207-209 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0064

Peregrinations: Law, Form, Event (review)

pp. 209-210 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0071

Actual Minds, Possible Worlds (review)

pp. 210-212 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0079

Literature and Ethics: Essays Presented to A. E. Malloch (review)

pp. 212-213 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0087

The New Eighteenth Century: Theory, Politics, English Literature (review)

pp. 213-214 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0094

Nietzsche's Zarathustra (review)

pp. 215-216 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0054

On Interpretation: A Critical Analysis (review)

pp. 216-217 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0061

The Poetics of Greek Tragedy (review)

pp. 218-219 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0068

Images in Our Souls: Cavell, Psychoanalysis, and Cinema (review)

pp. 219-220 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0076


pp. 221-229 | DOI: 10.1353/phl.1989.0084

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