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NWSA Journal

Volume 21, Number 3, Fall 2009

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E-ISSN: 1527-1889 Print ISSN: 1040-0656

Table of Contents

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Latina Sexualities

Lourdes Torres and Lorena García


New Directions in Latina Sexualities Studies
pp. vii-xvi


Migrant Puerto Rican Lesbians: Negotiating Gender, Sexuality, and Ethnonationality
pp. 1-23
El Ambiente According to Her: Gender, Class, Mexicanidad, and the Cosmopolitan in Queer Mexico City
pp. 24-45
Are All Raza Womyn Queer? An Exploration of Sexual Identities in a Chicana/Latina Student Organization
pp. 46-62
"Miss, You Look Like a Bratz Doll": On Chonga Girls and Sexual-Aesthetic Excess
pp. 63-90
The Chicana Canvas: Doing Class, Gender, Race, and Sexuality through Tattooing in East Los Angeles
pp. 91-120
Expressing Latina Sexuality with Vieja Argüentera Embodiments and Rasquache Language: How Women's Culture Enables Living Filosofía
pp. 121-142
Breast Cancer: A New Aesthetics of the Subject
pp. 143-165
The Role of Pap Smears in Negotiating Risk: Latinas' Perceptions of Trust and Love in Sexual Relationships with Men
pp. 166-190

Book Reviews

Teatro Chicana: A Collective Memoir and Selected Plays (review)
pp. 191-193
Power Lines: On the Subject of Feminist Alliances (review)
pp. 194-197
Chicana Sexuality and Gender: Cultural Refiguring in Literature, Oral History and Art, and: From Bananas to Buttocks: The Latina Body in Popular Film and Culture by Myra Mendible (review)
pp. 197-201
Once upon a Quinceañera: Coming of Age in the USA, and: Hijas Americanas: Beauty, Body Image, and Growing up Latina (review)
pp. 202-207
Speaking from the Body: Latinas on Health and Culture (review)
pp. 207-209
Matters of Choice: Puerto Rican Women's Struggle for Reproductive Freedom, and: Fertile Matters: The Politics of Mexican-Origin Women's Reproduction (review)
pp. 210-216
Women in Migration in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands: A Reader, and: The Daughters of Juárez: A True Story of Serial Murder South of the Border (review)
pp. 216-221
Gender, Sexuality, and Power in Latin America since Independence (review)
pp. 222-224

Thanks to Readers

Thanks to Readers
pp. 225-229

Index to Volume 21

Index to Volume 21 (2009)
pp. 230-236

Subject Headings:

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