Volume 40, Number 1, February 2007

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After Midnight

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Historical Perspective

Special Section: Live Art and Science on the Internet
Guest Editor: Martha Wilson

The Internet has become a venue and medium for art as a means to broadcast ideas to a worldwide audience. As artists and others produce live art on the Internet, liveness, presence, mediatization, on-line activism, surveillance and identity/gender, among other issues, are being explored.

Guest Editor Martha Wilson investigates the subject of "Live Art and Science on the Internet" in this ongoing special section in Leonardo, looking at the work of artists and scientists using the Internet to create work or conduct investigations live and on-line.

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General Articles

Special Section: ArtScience: The Essential Connection
Guest Editor: Robert Root-Bernstein

The sixth installment of a Leonardo special project exploring the work and writings of artistic scientists who find their art avocation valuable; scientifically literate artists who draw problems, materials, techniques or processes from the sciences; or others interested in such interactions.

Special Section: From the Leonardo Archive

We are thrilled this year to be publishing the 40th volume of Leonardo! As part of Leonardo's 40th Anniversary celebrations, we will be reprinting seminal texts from the journal's rich 40-year archive. In this issue, we present an article from the first issue of Leonardo, published in 1967: Frank J. Malina's "Kinetic Painting: The Lumidyne System." The reader is invited to read and marvel at the groundbreaking work and thought of this artist documented in Leonardo 40 years ago.

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