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Volume 73, Number 4, December 1997

Table of Contents

From: Language

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On the syntax of obviation

pp. 705-750

Artificial punning in the Egyptian Arabic ballad: A reinterpretation of structuralist poetics

pp. 751-769

Two types of pronouns and variable binding

pp. 770-797

Don't touch my projectile: Gender bias and stereotyping in syntactic examples

pp. 798-825


Mary R. Haas

pp. 826-837


Phonological acquisition and phonological theory Ed. by John Archibald (review)

pp. 838-841

Social motivations for codeswitching: Evidence from Africa By Carol Myers- Scotton (review)

pp. 841-844

Language in society: An introduction to sociolinguistics By Suzanne Romaine (review)

pp. 844-847

Autolexical syntax: A theory of parallel grammatical representations By Jerrold M. Sadock (review)

pp. 847-849

The mind of a savant: Language learning and modularity By Neil Smith and Ianthi- Maria Tsimpli (review)

pp. 849-851

Thompson River Salish dictionary: nɬεʔkεpmxcín Comp, by Laurence C. Thompson and M. Terry Thompson (review)

pp. 851-853

The dative: Vol. 1, Descriptive studies Ed. by William Van Belle and Willy Van Langendonck (review)

pp. 854-856

Government and binding theory and the minimalist program Ed. by Gert Webelhuth (review)

pp. 856-858

English historical syntax: Verbal constructions By David Denison (review)

pp. 858-860

Slang and sociability: In-group language among college students By Connie Eble (review)

pp. 860-862

An invitation to cognitive science. Volume 1: Language Ed. by Lila R. Gleitman and Mark Liberman (review)

pp. 862-864

Gender articulated: Language and the socially constructed self Ed. by Kira Hall and Mary Bucholtz (review)

pp. 864-866

Old English poetic metre By B. R. Hutcheson (review)

pp. 866-869

Human evolution, language and mind: A psychological and archaeological inquiry By William Noble and Iain Davidson (review)

pp. 869-871

An introduction to Japanese linguistics By Natsuko Tsujimura (review)

pp. 872-873

Evolution and revolution in linguistic theory Ed. by Héctor Campos and Paula Kempchinsky (review)

pp. 874-877

A grammar of Kissi: A Southern Atlantic language By G. Tucker Childs (review)

pp. 878-879

Focus on South Africa Ed. by Vivian de Klerk (review)

pp. 879-881

Book Notices

Lushootseed texts. An introduction to Puget Sound Salish narratives Ed. by Crisca Bierwert, with annotations by T. C. S. Langen (review)

p. 882

Modals and periphrastics in English: An investigation into the semantic correspondence between certain English modal verbs and their periphrastic equivalents By Paul West-ney (review)

pp. 882-883

The Nilo-Saharan languages: A comparative essay By Lionel M. Bender (review)

pp. 883-884

A Grammar of Hunzib (with texts and lexicon) By Helma van den Berg (review)

pp. 884-885

Zur Geschichte der deutschen Sprache By Wilhelm Scherer. New edition with an introductory article by Kurt R. Jan-Kowsky (review)

pp. 885-886

An introduction to Old Russian By William Schmalstieg (review)

p. 886

Althochdeutsches Wörterbuch By Rudolf Schützeichel (review)

pp. 886-887

English language teaching in India: Issues and innovations Ed. by R. K. Agnihotri and A. L. Khanna (review)

pp. 887-888

Linguistics: An introduction to language and communication By Adrian Akmajian, Richard A. Demers, Ann K. Farmer, and Robert M. Harnish (review)

p. 888

The phonology of German By Richard Wiese (review)

pp. 888-889

Cybele and the axe-goddess: Alliterative verse, Linear B relationships and cult ritual of the Phaistos disc By Edgar Bowden (review)

p. 889

Le système verbal dans les langues oubangiennes Ed. by Raymond Boyd (review)

pp. 889-890

A grammatical sketch of Shona, including historical notes By Siegmund Brauner (review)

pp. 890-891

Achieving understanding: Discourse in intercultural encounters By Katharina Bremer, Celia Roberts, Marie- Therese Vasseur, Margaret Simonot, and Peter Broeder (review)

p. 891

Cultural performances: Proceedings of the third Berkeley women and language conference Ed. by Mary Bucholtz, A.C. Liang, Laurel A. Sutton, and Caitlin Hines (review)

pp. 891-892

Language processing in Spanish Ed. by Manuel Carreiras, José E. García-Albea, and Nuria Sebastián-Galles (review)

pp. 892-893

The comparative method reviewed: Regularity and irregularity in language change Ed. by Mark Durie and Malcolm Ross (review)

p. 893

The verbal system of Classical Hebrew in the Joseph story: An approach from discourse analysis By Yoshinobu Endo (review)

pp. 893-894

By word of mouth: Metaphor, metonymy and linguistic action in a cognitive perspective By Louis Goossens, Paul Pauwels, Brygida Rudzka-Ostyn, Anne-Marie Simon-Vandenbergen, and Johan Vanparys (review)

p. 894

Linjedansere og pantomine på sirkhus: Folkeetymologi som morfologisk omtolkning. [Tight-rope artists and pantomime at the circus: Folk etymology as morphological reinterpretation.]By Helge Gundersen (review)

pp. 894-895

Reading and language processing Ed. by John M. Henderson, Murray Singer, and Fernanda Ferreira (review)

pp. 895-896

Ethics and process in the narrative study of lives Ed. by Ruthellen Josselson (review)

pp. 896-897

Bantu phonology and morphology Ed. by Francis Katamba (review)

p. 897

"Drop me a fax, will you?": A study of written business communication By Leena Louhiala-Salminen (review)

pp. 897-898

Etymologisches Wörterbuch des Altindoarischen. Band II, Lieferungen 16-19 By Manfred Mayrhofer (review)

pp. 898-899

Linguistics: An introductionBy Donna J. Napoli (review)

pp. 899-900

Möglichkeiten und Mechanismen kontaktbewegten Sprachwandels unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Finnischen By Nicole Nau (review)

p. 900

Generative linguistics: A historical perspective By Frederick J. Newmeyer (review)

pp. 900-901

Essays in semantics and pragmatics Ed. by Masayoshi Shibatani and Sandra Thompson (review)

pp. 901-902

Explorations in Indian sociolinguistics Ed. by Rajendra Singh, Probal Das- GUFTA, and Jayant K. Lele (review)

pp. 902-903

Deutsche Einflüsse auf den englischen Wortschatz in Geschichte und Gegenwart By Anthony W. Stanforth (review)

p. 903

A dictionary of phonetics and phonology By R. L. Trask (review)

p. 904

Using large corpora Ed. by Susan B. Armstrong (review)

p. 904

A history of the French language through texts By R. L. Trask (review)

pp. 904-905

Comparative Indo-European linguistics: An introduction By Robert S. P. Beekes (review)

pp. 905-906

Producing speech: Contemporary issues for Katherine Safford Harris Ed. by Fredericka Bell-Berti and Lawrence J. Raphael (review)

p. 906

A course in generalized phrase structure grammar By Paul Bennett (review)

pp. 906-907

The matrix of language: Contemporary linguistic anthropology Ed. by Donald Brenneis and Ronald H. S. Macaulay (review)

pp. 907-908

Phonology and phonetic evidence: Papers in laboratory phonology IV Ed. by Bruce Connell and Amalia Arvaniti (review)

p. 908

Editor's Department

pp. 909-910

Publications Received

pp. 911-915

Index to Volume 73 (1997)

pp. 916-940

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