The Journal of Higher Education

The Journal of Higher Education
Volume 74, Number 1, January/February 2003


    Rosser, Vicki J.
    Johnsrud, Linda K.
    Heck, Ronald H.
  • Academic Deans and Directors: Assessing Their Effectiveness from Individual and Institutional Perspectives
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    Subject Headings:
    • Educational leadership -- United States.
    • Deans (Education) -- United States.
      The intent of this study is to present a systematic approach for evaluating the leadership effectiveness of deans and directors. We demonstrate the utility of multilevel structural equation modeling to examine variance in faculty and staff assessments of effectiveness and discuss the relevance of our model from individual and institutional perspectives.
    Powers, Joshua B.
  • Commercializing Academic Research: Resource Effects on Performance of University Technology Transfer
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    Subject Headings:
    • University-based new business enterprises -- United States.
    • Education, Higher -- Effect of technological innovations on -- United States.
      This study investigated factors that may explain differential performance with university technology transfer, the process of transforming research into marketable products. Utilizing multi-source data on 108 universities, a set of internal and external resources were found to be significant predictors of one or more of three technology transfer performance outcomes.
    Crombie, Gail.
    Pyke, Sandra W., 1937-
    Silverthorn, Naida.
    Jones, Alison.
    Piccinin, Sergio.
  • Students' Perceptions of Their Classroom Participation and Instructor as a Function of Gender and Context
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    Subject Headings:
    • College teaching -- United States.
    • Classroom environment -- United States.
    • Sex differences in education -- United States.
    • College students -- United States -- Psychology.
      Students' perceptions of their participation and instructor behaviors were examined in the university classroom. Some support for the chilly climate construct was observed; however, gender effects were mediated by general activity level. Differences favoring males were found among students categorized as active participators. Female students' views of their instructors were influenced by instructor gender.
    Philpott, Jeff L.
    Strange, Carney.
  • "On the Road to Cambridge": A Case Study of Faculty and Student Affairs in Collaboration
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    Subject Headings:
    • Teacher participation in administration -- Middle West -- Case studies.
    • Student affairs services -- Middle West -- Case studies.
    • Education, Higher -- Aims and objectives -- Middle West -- Case studies.
      This case study examined the dynamics and progress of a committee of faculty and student affairs professionals as they collaborated across a fifteen-month period on the planning and implementation of a residential college at a midwestern regional state university.

Review Essay

    Baez, Benjamin.
  • Affirmative Action, Diversity, and the Politics of Representation in Higher Education
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    Subject Headings:
    • Rai, Kul B. Affirmative action and the university: race, ethnicity, and gender in higher education employment.
    • Critzer, John W., 1947-
    • Turner, Caroline Sotello Viernes. Faculty of color in academe: bittersweet success.
    • Myers, Samuel L.
    • Discrimination in higher education -- United States.
    • Minority college teachers -- Selection and appointment -- United States.

Book Reviews

    Renner, Richard R.
  • Higher Ed, Inc.: The Rise of the For-Profit University (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • Ruch, Richard S. Higher Ed, inc.: the rise of the for-profit university.
    • Universities and colleges -- United States -- Finance.
    Doherty, Eileen M.
  • Understanding Faculty Productivity: Standards and Benchmarks for Colleges and Universities (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • Middaugh, Michael F., 1945- Understanding faculty productivity: standards and benchmarks for colleges and universities.
    • College teaching -- United States -- Evaluation.
    Smith, Keith Lloyd, 1948-
    Jones, Jo, 1950-
    McCauley, John S.
  • Land-Grant Universities and Extension into the 21st Century: Renegotiating or Abandoning a Social Contract (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • McDowell, George R. Land-grant universities and extension into the 21st century: renegotiating or abandoning a social contract.
    • State universities and colleges -- United States.

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