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Volume 37, Number 2, May 2014

Table of Contents


Beasts Within and Beasts Without: Colonial Themes in Lothar Meggendorfer’s Children’s Books

pp. 253-274 | DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2014.0049

Explaining Suicide in the Imperial German Army

pp. 275-295 | DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2014.0055

From Nazism to Socialism in Anna Seghers’s “Der Mann und sein Name”

pp. 297-316 | DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2014.0061

The Triumph of the Obituary: Constructing Christa Wolf for the Berlin Republic

pp. 317-336 | DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2014.0067

The Sound of Fatih Akın’s Cinema: Polyphony and the Aesthetics of Heterogeneity in The Edge of Heaven

pp. 337-356 | DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2014.0073

Made in Germany: Integration as Inside Joke in the Ethno-comedy of Kaya Yanar and Bülent Ceylan

pp. 357-376 | DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2014.0079

GSA Conference Snapshots

Not So Quiet on the Eastern Front: A Seminar Report from the Trenches of the 37th Annual Meeting of the German Studies Association

pp. 377-389 | DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2014.0085

The Future of Holocaust Literature: German Studies Association 2013 Banquet Speech

pp. 391-403 | DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2014.0053

Review Essay

Media as Technology and Culture

pp. 405-416 | DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2014.0059


Princely Brothers and Sisters: The Sibling Bond in German Politics, 1100–1250 by Jonathan R. Lyon (review)

pp. 417-419 | DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2014.0065

The Faithful Executioner: Life and Death, Honor and Shame in the Turbulent Sixteenth Century by Joel F. Harrington (review)

pp. 419-421 | DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2014.0071

Eine Literaturgeschichte. Österreich seit 1650 by Klaus Zeyringer and Helmut Gollner (review)

pp. 421-424 | DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2014.0077

Figurationen der Liebe in Geschichte und Gegenwart, Kultur und Gesellschaft ed. by Stefan Neuhaus (review)

pp. 424-427 | DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2014.0083

Affecting Grace: Theatre, Subject, and the Shakespearean Paradox in German Literature from Lessing to Kleist by Kenneth S. Calhoon (review)

pp. 428-429 | DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2014.0051

German Expansionism, Imperial Liberalism, and the United States, 1776–1945 by Jens-Uwe Guettel (review)

pp. 430-431 | DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2014.0057

Formative Fictions: Nationalism, Cosmopolitanism, and the Bildungsroman by Tobias Boes (review)

pp. 432-434 | DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2014.0063

Karl Marx: An Intellectual Biography by Rolf Hosfeld (review)

pp. 434-436 | DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2014.0069

Prüfstein Marx. Zur Edition und Rezeption eines Klassikers ed. by Matthias Steinbach and Michael Ploenus (review)

pp. 436-438 | DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2014.0075

Building a Public Judaism: Synagogues and Jewish Identity in Nineteenth-Century Europe by Saskia Coenen Snyder (review)

pp. 438-440 | DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2014.0081

Jewish Masculinities: German Jews, Gender, and History ed. by Benjamin Maria Baader, Sharon Gillerman, and Paul Lerner (review)

pp. 440-442 | DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2014.0086

Shatterzone of Empires: Coexistence and Violence in the German, Habsburg, Russian, and Ottoman Borderlands ed. by Omer Bartov and Eric D. Weitz (review)

pp. 442-445 | DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2014.0054

Agamben’s Joyful Kafka: Finding Freedom beyond Subordination by Anke Snoek (review)

pp. 445-447 | DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2014.0060

Franz Radziwill and the Contradictions of German Art History, 1919–45 by James A. van Dyke (review)

pp. 447-449 | DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2014.0066

Winning and Losing on the Western Front: The British Third Army and the Defeat of Germany by Jonathan Boff (review)

pp. 449-451 | DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2014.0072

Walther Rathenau: Weimar’s Fallen Statesman by Shulamit Volkov (review)

pp. 452-453 | DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2014.0078

Contested Commemorations: Republican War Veterans and Weimar Political Culture by Benjamin Ziemann (review)

pp. 454-455 | DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2014.0084

Complicity in the Holocaust: Churches and Universities in Nazi Germany by Robert P. Ericksen (review)

pp. 455-457 | DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2014.0052

Terror in the Balkans: German Armies and Partisan Warfare by Ben Shepherd (review)

pp. 458-460 | DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2014.0058

Eduard Berend und Heinrich Meyer. Briefwechsel 1938–1972 ed. by Meike G. Werner (review)

pp. 460-462 | DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2014.0064

The Fleeting Promise of Art: Adorno’s Aesthetic Theory Revisited by Peter Uwe Hohendahl, and: The Differentiation of Modernism: Postwar German Media Arts by Larson Powell (review)

pp. 463-468 | DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2014.0070

Max Frisch. Sein Werk im Kontext der europäischen Literatur seiner Zeit ed. by Régine Battiston and Margrit Unser (review)

pp. 468-470 | DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2014.0076

Socialist Escapes: Breaking Away from Ideology and Everyday Routine in Eastern Europe, 1945–1989 ed. by Cathleen M. Giustino, Catherine J. Plum, and Alexander Vari (review)

pp. 471-473 | DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2014.0082

Der Fall Esra. Ein Roman vor Gericht. Über die neuen Grenzen der Literaturfreiheit by Uwe Wittstock (review)

pp. 473-475 | DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2014.0050

Walls, Borders, Boundaries: Spatial and Cultural Practices in Europe ed. by Marc Silberman, Karen E. Till, and Janet Ward (review)

pp. 475-477 | DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2014.0056

Debating German Cultural Identity since 1989 ed. by Anne Fuchs, Kathleen James-Chakraborty, and Linda Shortt (review)

pp. 477-479 | DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2014.0062

Post-Wall German Cinema and National History, Utopianism and Dissent by Mary-Elizabeth O’Brien (review)

pp. 480-482 | DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2014.0068

An Aesthetics of Narrative Performance: Transnational Theater, Literature, and Film in Contemporary Germany by Claudia Breger (review)

pp. 482-484 | DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2014.0074


p. 485 | DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2014.0080

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