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Enterprise & Society
Volume 4, Number 4, December 2003


Editor's Introduction

Dissertation Summaries

    Berlin, Leslie.
  • Entrepreneurship and the Rise of Silicon Valley: The Career of Robert Noyce, 1956-1990
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    Subject Headings:
    • Noyce, Robert N., 1927-
    • Semiconductor industry -- California -- History.
    Wilson, Mark R.
  • The Business of Civil War: Military Enterprise, the State, and Political Economy in the United States, 1850-1880
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    Subject Headings:
    • United States. Army. Quartermaster's Dept. -- Procurement -- History -- 19th century.
    • United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865.
    • United States -- Economic conditions -- To 1865.
    • United States -- Economic conditions -- 1865-1918.


    Gelderblom, Oscar.
  • The Governance of Early Modern Trade: The Case of Hans Thijs, 1556-1611
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    Subject Headings:
    • Thijs, Hans, 1556-1611.
    • Gdansk (Poland) -- Commerce -- History.
    • Amsterdam (Netherlands) -- Commerce -- History.
      In this article the organization of early modern trade is analyzed through a case study of the business of Hans Thijs, an Antwerp merchant who worked in Danzig and Amsterdam in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth century. His career demonstrates how early modern merchants combined markets, personal relations, and firms to govern their transactions. The complementary relationships among these institutions helped to minimize information and enforcement costs. A comparison of Hans Thijs' business organization in Danzig (1585-1595) and in Amsterdam (1595-1611) shows that trade was governed more efficiently in markets of greater scale and scope.
    Kehoe, Terence.
    Jacobson, Charles David.
  • Environmental Decision Making and DDT Production at Montrose Chemical Corporation of California
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    Subject Headings:
    • Montrose Chemical Corporation of California.
    • DDT (Insecticide) -- Environmental aspects -- California -- Los Angeles.
    • Hazardous wastes -- California -- Los Angeles.
      In this article, we examine the decisions made by corporate executives and government officials that led to the discharge with minimal treatment of hundreds of metric tons of dichlorodiphenyl- trichloroethane (DDT) waste into the Pacific Ocean over several decades. After World War II, Montrose Chemical Corporation of California's Los Angeles plant began making the new wonder pesticide, and Montrose executives worked with local officials to develop a waste disposal system that funneled the plant's process wastes into the county sewer system and ultimately into the ocean. Faced with increasing scientific concern about pesticides and a changed political climate in the 1960s, Montrose vigorously defended DDT and relied increasingly on exports to remain profitable. Years after the plant closed, a federal suit forced Montrose and related companies to pay the costs of environmental cleanup.
    Beamer, Glenn, 1966-
    Lewis, David E., 1970-
  • The Irrational Escalation of Commitment and the Ironic Labor Politics of the Rust Belt
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    Subject Headings:
    • Collective labor agreements -- Steel industry -- United States.
    • United Steelworkers of America.
    • United States -- Economic conditions -- 1945-
      Most studies of labor politics in the United States focus on those politics as they are embedded within larger electoral and national party politics. In this article, we investigate how the relationship between the United Steelworkers of America (USWA) and steelmanufacturing firms shaped the political economy of the Rust Belt. We show that the 1959 steel strike and subsequent collective bargaining agreements between the USWA and the ten largest steel manufacturers in the United States reshaped institutional labor politics and led to a greater emphasis on negotiated pension and unemployment benefits. In turn, these institutional commitments profoundly shaped deindustrialization. Pension and severance benefits motivated firm managers to sustain relatively large, antiquated steel plants and to close smaller plants in order to avoid enormous legacy liabilities. Using theoretical insights from economic studies of auctions, as well as historical and quantitative data, we show how the labor agreements shaped the choices concerning, and the timing of, mill shutdowns. We conclude that these choices help explain important variance in the fortunes of steel towns in the Rust Belt.


    Blackford, Mansel G., 1944-
  • Coping with Crisis: International Financial Institutions in the Interwar Period (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • Kasuya, Makoto, ed. Coping with crisis: international financial institutions in the interwar period.
    • Financial institutions, International -- History -- 20th century -- Congresses.
    Lapsansky, Emma Jones.
  • The Sugar Industry and the Abolition of the Slave Trade, 1775-1810 (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • Carrington, Selwyn H. H., 1937- Sugar industry and the abolition of the slave trade, 1775-1810.
    • Sugar trade -- West Indies, British -- History.
    Jones, Charles.
  • The Mexican Economy, 1870-1930: Essays on the Economic History of Institutions, Revolution, and Growth (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • Bortz, Jeff, ed. Mexican economy, 1870-1930: essays on the economic history of institutions, revolution, and growth.
    • Haber, Stephen H., 1957-, ed.
    • Mexico -- Economic conditions -- 19th century.
    McCook, Stuart George, 1965-
  • In the Shadows of State and Capital: The United Fruit Company, Popular Struggle, and Agrarian Restructuring in Ecuador, 1900-1995 (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • Striffler, Steve, 1967- In the shadows of state and capital: the United Fruit Company, popular struggle, and agrarian restructuring in Ecuador, 1900-1995.
    • Banana trade -- Ecuador -- Pacific Coast -- Employees -- Political activity -- History -- 20th century.
    Bian, Morris L.
  • Chinese Capitalists in Japan's New Order: The Occupied Lower Yangzi, 1937-1945 (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • Coble, Parks M., 1946- Chinese capitalists in Japan's new order: the occupied lower Yangzi, 1937-1945.
    • Shanghai (China) -- Economic conditions.
    Stein, Judith.
  • Our Modern Times: The New Nature of Capitalism in the Information Age (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • Cohen, Daniel, 1953- Our modern times: the new nature of capitalism in the information age.
    • Clay, Susan, tr.
    • Economics -- Sociological aspects.
    Palmer, David.
  • Sir Henri Deterding and Royal Dutch-Shell: Changing Control of World Oil, 1900-1940 (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • Hendrix, Paul, 1927- Sir Henri Deterding and Royal Dutch-Shell: changing control of world oil, 1900-1940.
    • Deterding, Henri, 1866-1939.
    Adams, Sean Patrick.
  • State Banking in Early America: A New Economic History, and: Republic of Debtors: Bankruptcy in the Age of American Independence (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • Bodenhorn, Howard. State banking in early America: a new economic history.
    • Mann, Bruce H. Republic of debtors: bankruptcy in the age of American independence.
    • Banks and banking -- United States -- State supervision.
    • Debt -- United States.
    Wills, Jocelyn.
  • River of Enterprise: The Commercial Origins of Regional Identity in the Ohio Valley, 1790-1850 (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • Gruenwald, Kim M. (Kim Marie) River of enterprise: the commercial origins of regional identity in the Ohio Valley, 1790-1850.
    • Regionalism -- Ohio River Valley -- History.
    Kraft, James P.
  • Gold Rush Capitalists: Greed and Growth in Sacramento (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • Eifler, Mark A., 1956- Gold rush capitalists: greed and growth in Sacramento.
    • Cities and towns -- Growth -- Case studies.
    Giebelhaus, August W.
  • Otto Kahn: Art, Money, & Modern Time (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • Collins, Theresa M. (Theresa Mary), 1955- Otto Kahn: art, money, & modern time.
    • Kahn, Otto Hermann, 1867-1934.
    Ott, Cindy.
  • Refined Tastes: Sugar, Confectionery, and Consumers in Nineteenth-Century America (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • Woloson, Wendy A., 1964- Refined tastes: sugar, confectionery, and consumers in nineteenth-century America.
    • Confectionery -- History.
    Fones-Wolf, Ken.
  • The Radical Middle Class: Populist Democracy and the Question of Capitalism in Progressive Era Portland, Oregon (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • Johnston, Robert D. Radical middle class: populist democracy and the question of capitalism in progressive era Portland, Oregon.
    • Middle class -- Oregon -- Portland -- History -- 20th century.
    Freeland, Robert F., 1957-
  • Sloan Rules: Alfred P. Sloan and the Triumph of General Motors (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • Farber, David R. Sloan rules: Alfred P. Sloan and the triumph of General Motors.
    • Sloan, Alfred P. (Alfred Pritchard), 1875-1966.
    Whaples, Robert.
  • Victory at Home: Manpower and Race in the American South during World War II (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • Chamberlain, Charles D., 1964- Victory at home: manpower and race in the American South during World War II.
    • Manpower policy -- Southern States -- History -- 20th century.
    Weiss, Andrew.
  • To the Digital Age: Research Labs, Start-up Companies, and the Rise of MOS Technology (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • Bassett, Ross Knox, 1959- To the digital age: research labs, start-up companies, and the rise of MOS technology.
    • Metal oxide semiconductors -- History.
    Kwolek-Folland, Angel.
  • Silicon Valley, Women, and the California Dream: Gender, Class, and Opportunity in the Twentieth Century (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • Matthews, Glenna. Silicon valley, women, and the California dream: gender, class, and opportunity in the twentieth century.
    • Women computer industry employees -- California -- Santa Clara Valley.
    Skwiot, Christine.
  • Neon Metropolis: How Las Vegas Started the Twenty-First Century (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • Rothman, Hal, 1958- Neon metropolis: how Las Vegas started the twenty-first century.
    • Las Vegas (Nev.) -- Description and travel.
    Cain, Louis P.
  • It's Hardly Sportin': Stadiums, Neighborhoods, and the New Chicago (review)
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    Subject Headings:
    • Spirou, Costas. It's hardly sportin': stadiums, neighborhoods, and the new Chicago.
    • Bennett, Larry, 1950-
    • Stadiums -- Economic aspects -- Illinois -- Chicago.

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