Eighteenth-Century Studies

Eighteenth-Century Studies
Volume 40, Number 1, Fall 2006


    Hurley, Alison E.
  • A Conversation of Their Own: Watering-Place Correspondence Among the Bluestockings
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    Subject Headings:
    • Women authors, English -- 18th century -- Correspondence.
    • Health resorts -- Social aspects -- Great Britain -- History -- 18th century.
    • Female friendship -- Great Britain -- History -- 18th century.
    • Conversation -- History -- 18th century.
      This article analyzes the role resort towns such as Bath, Bristol, Brighton, and Tunbridge Wells played in establishing a legitimate space for female correspondence (the intercourse or relation between individuals and groups of individuals as well as the letters they produced) within the public sphere. Spas helped women bypass the prevailing models of female friendship and female letters that submerged women's alliances beneath the imperatives of a patriarchal society, thereby allowing them to develop a distinctive style of spa correspondence. In its reading of Bluestocking letters, this essay describes this correspondence as characterized by a communal sense of female identity and a "spectatorial" epistolary style.
    Park, Julie, 1970-
  • Pains and Pleasures of the Automaton: Frances Burney's Mechanics of Coming Out
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    Subject Headings:
    • Burney, Fanny, 1752-1840 -- Criticism and interpretation.
    • Women in literature.
    • Subjectivity in literature.
    • Abjection in literature.
    • Robots in literature.
      This essay explores how the eighteenth-century automaton operates as a pervasive model for the instability of female subject-formation in Burney's novels, and the affective dilemmas involved in ritual acts of "coming out" in eighteenth-century society. It argues that few models of subjectivity compel and thwart Burney more than the capacious figure of the eighteenth-century automaton and its well-modulated displays of openness and inwardness, whether captured in marvelous toys, the strict patterns of conduct book femininity, or the carefully crafted characters of a novel.
    Pink, Emma E.
  • Frances Burney's Camilla: "to print my Grand Work...by subscription"
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    Subject Headings:
    • Burney, Fanny, 1752-1840. Camilla.
    • Burney, Fanny, 1752-1840 -- Finance, Personal.
    • English literature -- 18th century -- Publishing.
    • Booksellers and bookselling -- Great Britain -- Colportage, subscription trade, etc. -- History -- 18th century.
      Critics have tended to view Frances Burney's authorial activities as evidence of her diffidence as a cultural producer. In fact, a closer examination of her publishing history, especially her management of the subscription publication of her third novel, Camilla, reveals quite the contrary. In addition to being an accomplished novelist, playwright, letter writer, and diarist, Burney was also a skillful negotiator who understood the economic and aesthetic value of her literary productions, and worked hard to obtain what she felt to be appropriate remuneration for them. Not only was Burney willing to engage with the material aspects of cultural production, but she was sensitive to the subtleties of exchange dynamics operating during the time in which she was writing. By focusing on her publishing history, we are able to trace the arc of her professionalization, and come to understand the ways in which Burney negotiated the complexities of the literary field.
    Downie, J. A. (James Alan), 1951-
  • Who Says She's a Bourgeois Writer? Reconsidering the Social and Political Contexts of Jane Austen's Novels
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    Subject Headings:
    • Austen, Jane, 1775-1817 -- Criticism and interpretation.
    • English literature -- 18th century -- Social aspects.
    • Social classes in literature.
      In most of her novels, Jane Austen goes to considerable lengths to offer the reader information about the financial circumstances of her characters, and failure to appreciate its significance can lead to serious misunderstanding of their social status. Although there is nothing bourgeois about the Bertrams, Sir Thomas' "West Indian property" has misled recent critics into regarding him as a "great West Indian," and it has even been implied that Austen is herself a bourgeois writer. While her novels are preoccupied with issues of entitlement and rank, she should be included among the "well-bred country gentlemen and ladies" she describes in her novels, and not within the ranks of the middle classes or the "pseudo-gentry."
    Dalton, Susan, 1968-
  • Searching for Virtue: Physiognomy, Sociability and Taste in Isabelle Teotochi Albrizzi's Ritratti
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    Subject Headings:
    • Teotochi Albrizzi, Isabella, 1760-1836. Ritratti.
    • Biography -- 18th century -- Portraits.
    • Biography as a literary form.
    • Character in literature.
    • Physiognomy in literature.
    • Sex role in literature.
      One of the most famous Venetian women of her time, Isabella Teotochi Albrizzi (1760–1836) was known not only for her salon, but also for her published works. One of these pieces, Teotochi Albrizzi's Ritratti (1807), a series of literary portraits, reveals Europe's concern over the simulation of virtue in a society beginning to judge merit by behavior and self-presentation rather than birth. Teotochi Albrizzi's portraits demonstrate the strategies used to discern character and how the author drew on ideas concerning sexual difference in the realm of aesthetics to address concerns raised by shifting practices of sociability.

Review Articles

    Rawson, Claude Julien.
  • Lives And Dislikes: Johnson's Lives of the Poets
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    Subject Headings:
    • Johnson, Samuel, 1709-1784. Lives of the most eminent poets: with critical observations on their works.
    • Lonsdale, Roger H., ed.
    • Poets, English -- Early modern, 1500-1700 -- Biography.
    Backscheider, Paula R.
  • Biographers for Hire
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    Subject Headings:
    • Furbank, Philip Nicholas. Political biography of Daniel Defoe.
    • Owens, W. R.
    • Defoe, Daniel, 1661?-1731. Religious and didactic writings of Daniel Defoe.
    • Owens, W. R., ed.
    • Furbank, Philip Nicholas, ed.
    • Richetti, John J. Life of Daniel Defoe.
    • Defoe, Daniel, 1661?-1731.
    • Family -- Early works to 1800.
    Shteir, Ann B., 1941-
  • "The Dream of the Botanical Monograph": Process not Product
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    Subject Headings:
    • Casid, Jill H. Sowing empire: landscape and colonization.
    • Schiebinger, Londa L., ed. Colonial botany: science, commerce, and politics in the early modern world.
    • Swan, Claudia, ed.
    • Tobin, Beth Fowkes. Colonizing nature: the tropics in British arts and letters, 1760-1820.
    • Transplanting (Plant culture) -- Great Britain -- Colonies -- History -- 18th century.
    • Botany, Economic -- Europe -- History.
    Turnovsky, Geoffrey.
  • Confrontations with Rousseau's Historiographical and Pedagogical Legacy
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    Subject Headings:
    • Lilti, Antoine. Monde des salons: sociabilité et mondanité à Paris au XVIIIe siècle.
    • Viala, Alain. Lettre à Rousseau sur l'intérêt littéraire.
    • France -- Social life and customs -- 18th century.
    • Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, 1712-1778 -- Criticism and interpretation.
    Wiggin, Bethany.
  • Dating the Eighteenth Century in German Literary History
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    Subject Headings:
    • Becker-Cantarino, Barbara, ed. German literature of the eighteenth century: the enlightenment and sensibility.
    • Simons, Olaf. Marteaus Europa, oder, Der Roman, bevor er Literatur wurde: eine Untersuchung des deutschen und englischen Buchangebots der Jahre 1710 bis 1720.
    • Kuntsch, Margaretha Susanna von, 1651-1717. "Weiblich Werk" [i.e. Werck] in der Residenzstadt Altenburg 1672-1720: Gedichte und Briefe von Margaretha Susanna von Kuntsch und Frauen in ihrem Umkreis.
    • Carrdus, Anna, ed.
    • German literature -- 18th century -- History and criticism.
    • German fiction -- 18th century -- History and criticism.
    Schellenberg, Betty A.
  • Reading the Season in Work on Women Writers: A Time to Mourn and a Time to Celebrate?
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    Subject Headings:
    • Backscheider, Paula R. Eighteenth-century women poets and their poetry: inventing agency, inventing genre.
    • Batchelor, Jennie, 1976-, ed. British women's writing in the long eighteenth century: authorship, politics, and history.
    • Kaplan, Cora, ed.
    • English poetry -- 18th century -- History and criticism.
    • English literature -- Women authors -- History and criticism.
    Harris, Amy.
  • Imagining the Possible
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    Subject Headings:
    • Comitini, Patricia. Vocational philanthropy and British women's writing, 1790-1810: Wollstonecraft, More, Edgeworth, Wordsworth.
    • Sherman, Carol L., 1940- Family crucible in eighteenth-century literature.
    • Wollstonecraft, Mary, 1759-1797. Vindication of the rights of woman.
    • French literature -- 18th century -- History and criticism.
    Harvey, Karen, 1971-
  • Knowing Domesticity: Public, Private, and the Novel
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    Subject Headings:
    • Chico, Tita, 1970- Designing women: the dressing room in eighteenth-century English literature and culture.
    • McKeon, Michael, 1943- Secret history of domesticity: public, private, and the division of knowledge.
    • English literature -- 18th century -- History and criticism.
    • Knowledge, Sociology of.
    Barker, Emma.
  • Women, Art, and Culture in Eighteenth-Century France
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    Subject Headings:
    • Hyde, Melissa Lee, ed. Women, art and the politics of identity in eighteenth-century Europe.
    • Milam, Jennifer Dawn, 1968-, ed.
    • May, Gita. Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun: the odyssey of an artist in an age of revolution.
    • Sheriff, Mary D. Moved by love: inspired artists and deviant women in eighteenth-century France.
    • Women painters -- Europe -- Biography -- History and criticism.
    • Vigée-Lebrun, Louise-Elisabeth, 1755-1842.


    Berger, Karol, 1947-
    Campbell, Jill, 1958-
    Herzog, Don, 1956-
  • On Dror Wahrman's The Making of the Modern Self: Identity and Culture in Eighteenth-Century England
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    Subject Headings:
    • Wahrman, Dror. Making of the modern self: identity and culture in eighteenth-century England.
    • Great Britain -- Civilization -- 18th century.

Exhibition Reviews

    Seydl, Jon L., 1969-
  • Cosmopolitan Rome
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    Subject Headings:
    • Palazzo Venezia (Rome, Italy) Settecento a Roma [exhibition]
    • Lo Bianco, Anna, ed. Settecento a Roma.
    • Negro, Angela, ed.
    • Art, Italian -- Italy -- Rome -- 18th century -- Exhibitions.
    Larkin, T. Lawrence.
  • "Quoi! C'est Marie-Antoinette, là?": Reflections on the Recent Exhibition in Bordeaux
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    Subject Headings:
    • Bordeaux (France). Musée des arts décoratifs. Marie-Antoinette à Versailles: Le goût d'une reine [exhibition]
    • Boysson, Bernadette de, ed. Marie-Antoinette à Versailles, le goût d'une reine.
    • Salmon, Xavier, ed.
    • Art, French -- 18th century -- Exhibitions.

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