Eighteenth-Century Studies

Eighteenth-Century Studies
Volume 36, Number 3, Spring 2003


Print Matters

    Maruca, Lisa.
  • Bodies of Type: The Work of Textual Production in English Printers' Manuals
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    Subject Headings:
    • Moxon, Joseph, 1627-1691. Mechanick exercises.
    • Smith, John, printer, fl. 1755. Printer's grammar.
    • Printing -- England -- Early works to 1800.
      This essay examines the shifting, ideologically situated and contested representations of print texts and technologies in two representative printers' manuals: Joseph Moxon's 1683 Mechanick Exercises on the Whole Art of Printing and John Smith's 1755 The Printer's Grammar. The construction of orderly print is supported in each by changing discourses of sexuality and gender. Moxon's manual celebrates the heterosexual working bodies of print, the laborers whose physical production of print is as important as the text supplied by writers. In Smith, however, the naturalized gendering of a now invisible print privileges only the Author, whose disembodied intellect transcends the physical book.
    Bhowmik, Urmi.
  • Facts and Norms in the Marketplace of Print: John Dunton's Athenian Mercury
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    Subject Headings:
    • Dunton, John, 1659-1733. Athenian mercury.
    • English periodicals -- History -- 17th century.
    • Questions and answers -- Periodicals.
      This essay discusses the division of knowledge within the context of a popular periodical, the Athenian Mercury (1691-1697). The separation of fields of knowledge in the Enlightenment was merely the prelude to the attempt to establish disciplines on a common basis. I trace a similar process in the Mercury, which treated questions about natural science and moral dilemmas as if they shared an analogous structure--of particular instantiations of universal laws. I argue that this identification of facts and norms constituted the public subject simultaneously as subject to the law and the authority before which the law must legitimate itself.
    Rosenberg, Daniel.
  • Louis-Sébastien Mercier's New Words
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    Subject Headings:
    • Mercier, Louis-Sébastien, 1740-1814 -- Language.
    • French language -- 18th century -- New words.
      Louis-Sébastien Mercier opposed the language politics of both Right and Left during the French Revolution. His 1801 La Néologie, ou vocabulaire de mots nouveaux, à renouveler, ou pris dans des acceptions nouvelles is a kind of antidictionary, promoting linguistic innovation rather than standardization or reform. In this work, as in others, Mercier vindicates the creativity of speakers and writers against the "caprice" of institutions. "The life of a language," he writes, "is that of the people to whom it belongs."
    Turnovsky, Geoffrey.
  • The Enlightenment Literary Market: Rousseau, Authorship, and the Book Trade
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    Subject Headings:
    • Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, 1712-1778.
    • Book industries and trade -- France -- Paris -- History -- 18th century.
    • Authors and publishers -- France -- Paris -- History -- 18th century.
      This essay proposes an examination of Rousseau's engagement with the book trade, particularly in the wake of his departure from Paris in the 1750s. It focuses on his epistolary construction of the literary market, considered not as an objective commercial domain, but as a conceptualized authorial space that gave expression to an evolving set of hopes and anxieties. In his letters to publishers, Rousseau produced an ambiguous image of the book trade as a medium that both facilitated and obstructed the new forms of self-expression that he came to identify as authorship. In this contradiction, the literary market took shape as a modern literary field.

Exhibition Review

    McPherson, Heather.
  • Reconsidering Romney
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    Subject Headings:
    • Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery. George Romney 1734-1802: British art's forgotten genius [exhibition]
    • Kidson, Alex. George Romney 1734-1802.
    • Kidson, Alex, ed. Those delightful regions of imagination: essays on George Romney.
    • Cross, David A., 1951- Striking likeness: the life of George Romney.
    • Dixon, Yvonne Romney. "Designs from fancy": George Romney's Shakespearean drawings.
    • Romney, George, 1734-1802 -- Exhibitions.
    • Romney, George, 1734-1802 -- Criticism and interpretation.
      Two hundred years after his death, George Romney (1734-1802) offers a fascinating case study of the vicissitudes of fame and reputation, the impact of the art market and collecting on the art-historical canon, changing ideas about artistic creativity and practice, and the particular interpretive problems posed by society portraiture. Long relegated to the margins of late eighteenth-century art, Romney has recently reemerged as a multifaceted artistic personality whose innovative paintings and drawings encapsulate the complexities of Enlightenment thought and straddle the line between Neoclassicism and Romanticism. The exhibition George Romney 1734-1802: British Art's Forgotten Genius, organized to mark the bicentenary of Romney's death, provides a useful springboard for reevaluating Romney's artistic career and critical reputation.

Book Reviews

    Canfield, J. Douglas (John Douglas), 1941-
  • Theater of the Long Eighteenth Century and Its Cultural Work Revisioned
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    Subject Headings:
    • Anderson, Misty G., 1967- Female playwrights and eighteenth-century comedy: negotiating marriage on the London stage.
    • Freeman, Lisa A. Character's theater: genre and identity on the eighteenth-century English stage.
    • Hughes, Derek, 1944- Theatre of Aphra Behn.
    • Kinservik, Matthew J., 1967- Disciplining satire: the censorship of satiric comedy on the eighteenth-century London stage.
    • Orr, Bridget. Empire on the English stage, 1660-1714.
    • English drama -- 18th century -- History and criticism.
    Levine, William.
  • Situating the Careers of Gray and Other British Poets of the Long Eighteenth Century in Their Times: Some Biographical, Historicist, Contextualist, and Formalist Treatments
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    Subject Headings:
    • Gleckner, Robert F. Gray agonistes: Thomas Gray and masculine friendship.
    • Griffin, Dustin H. Patriotism and poetry in eighteenth-century Britain.
    • Mack, Robert L. Thomas Gray: a life.
    • McCarthy, B. Eugene, 1934- Thomas Gray: the progress of a poet.
    • Gray, Thomas, 1716-1771. Thomas Gray's journal of his visit to the Lake District in October 1769.
    • Roberts, William, 1931-, ed.
    • Zionkowski, Linda. Men's work: gender, class, and the professionalization of poetry, 1660-1784.
    • Gray, Thomas, 1716-1771 -- Friends and associates.
    • English poetry -- 18th century -- History and criticism.
    Mazella, David.
  • Sensibility and its Contexts: Two Recent Books
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    Subject Headings:
    • Ellison, Julie K. Cato's tears and the making of Anglo-American emotion.
    • Shaftesbury, Anthony Ashley Cooper, Earl of, 1671-1713. Characteristics of men, manners, opinions, times.
    • Klein, Lawrence Eliot, ed.
    • English literature -- 18th century -- History and criticism.
    • Philosophy -- Social aspects -- England -- 18th century.
    Doig, Kathleen Hardesty.
  • Encircling Encyclopedias
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    Subject Headings:
    • Morrissey, Robert, ed. Encyclopédie: du réseau au livre et du livre au réseau.
    • Roger, Philippe, 1949-, ed.
    • Yeo, Richard R., 1948- Encyclopaedic visions: scientific dictionaries and enlightenment culture.
    • Encyclopédie -- Congresses.
    • Encyclopedias and dictionaries -- History and criticism.
    Sol, Antoinette Marie.
  • Mail Call: Epistolary Exchanges Explored
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    Subject Headings:
    • Beebee, Thomas O. Epistolary fiction in Europe, 1500-1850.
    • Charrière, Isabelle de, 1740-1805. There are no letters like yours: the correspondence of Isabelle de Charrière and Constant d'Hermenches.
    • Constant de Rebecque, David-Louis-Constant de, 1722-1785.
    • Whatley, Janet, 1938-, tr.
    • Whatley, Malcolm, 1935-, tr.
    • Staël, Madame de (Anne-Louise-Germaine), 1766-1817. Madame de Staël - Charles de Villers - Benjamin Constant: correspondance.
    • Villers, Charles de, 1765-1815.
    • Constant, Benjamin, 1767-1830.
    • Kloocke, Kurt, ed.
    • Silver, Marie-France Alberte, ed. Femmes en toutes lettres: les épistolières du XVIIIe siècle.
    • Girou-Swiderski, Marie-Laure, 1937-, ed.
    • Epistolary fiction, European -- History and criticism.
    • Charrière, Isabelle de, 1740-1805 -- Correspondence.
    Hawkins, Ann R.
  • Speaking Women, Writing Women: Identity and Voice in an Age of Revolution
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    Subject Headings:
    • Keane, Angela. Women writers and the English nation in the 1790s: romantic belongings.
    • Kennedy, Deborah, 1959- Helen Maria Williams and the Age of Revolution.
    • Lang-Peralta, Linda, ed. Women, revolution, and the novels of the 1790s.
    • Michaelson, Patricia Howell, 1954- Speaking volumes: women, reading and speech in the age of Austen.
    • Tauchert, Ashley. Mary Wollstonecraft and the accent of the feminine.
    • English literature -- Women authors -- History and criticism.
    • Williams, Helen Maria, 1762-1827.
    Webster, Jeremy W.
  • Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Work in the Eighteenth Century
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    Subject Headings:
    • Honeyman, Katrina. Women, gender and industrialisation in England, 1700-1870.
    • Tobin, Robert Deam. Warm brothers: queer theory and the age of Goethe.
    • Trumbach, Randolph. Sex and the gender revolution.
    • Women -- England -- History.
    • German literature -- 18th century -- History and criticism.
    Purdy, Daniel L.
  • Goethe's Place in Contemporary Criticism
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    Subject Headings:
    • Berghahn, Klaus L., ed. Goethe in German-Jewish culture.
    • Hermand, Jost, ed.
    • Bishop, Paul, 1967-, ed. Companion to Goethe's Faust: parts I and II.
    • Boyle, Nicholas, ed. Goethe and the English-speaking world: essays from the Cambridge symposium for his 250th anniversary.
    • Guthrie, John, 1953-, ed.
    • Wellbery, David E. Specular moment: Goethe's early lyric and the beginnings of romanticism.
    • Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von, 1749-1832 -- Political and social views -- Congresses.
    • Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von, 1749-1832. Faust.
    Cleary, Patricia, 1962-
  • Behind the Lines: Waging War in Eighteenth-Century America
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    Subject Headings:
    • Brumwell, Stephen, 1960- Redcoats: the British soldier and war in the Americas, 1755-1763.
    • Gould, Dudley C. Times of Brother Jonathan: what he ate, drank, wore, believed in & used for medicine during the War of Independence.
    • United States -- History -- French and Indian War, 1755-1763 -- Campaigns.
    • United States. Continental Army -- Military life.

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