free access   Volume 48, Number 1, April 2005

Table of Contents

From: African Studies Review

Next Issue

free access   Global Flows: Terror, Oil, and Strategic Philanthropy

pp. 1-22

free access   Cuban Abakua Chants: Examining New Linguistic and Historical Evidence for the African Diaspora

pp. 23-58

free access   African Studies in China in the Twentieth Century: A Historiographical Survey

pp. 59-87

free access   History, the Nation-State, and Alternative Narratives: An Example from Colonial Douala

pp. 89-108

free access   Citizens and Foreigners: Democratization and the Politics of Exclusion in Africa

pp. 109-126

Review Essays

free access   Conflict in the Congo: Historical and Regional Perspectives

pp. 127-137

free access   State and Society in the Maghreb

pp. 138-142

free access   Africa, Africanists, and Wildlife Conservation

pp. 143-153

free access   African Environments: Imagined and Real

pp. 154-159

Book Reviews

Anthropology & Sociology

free access   Climate Change, Trade and Modes of Production in Sub-Saharan Africa (review)

pp. 161-162

free access   Southern Africa and the Swahili World (review)

pp. 162-164

free access   Beyond Rationalism: Rethinking Magic, Witchcraft and Sorcery (review)

pp. 164-165

Health & Disease

free access   Lords of the Fly: Sleeping Sickness Control in British East Africa, 1900-1960 (review)

pp. 166-169

free access   Local Women, Global Science: Fighting AIDS in Kenya (review)

pp. 169-170


free access   Negotiating Development: African Farmers and Colonial Experts at the Office du Niger, 1920-1960 (review)

pp. 171-172

free access   "The Pygmies Were Our Compass": Bantu and Batwa in the History of West Central Africa, Early Times to c. 1900 C.E. (review)

pp. 172-174

free access   An Ordinary Atrocity: Sharpeville and Its Massacre, and: The Assassin: A Story of Race and Rage in the Land of Apartheid (review)

pp. 174-176

free access   The Forgotten Front: The East African Campaign 1914-1918 (review)

pp. 177-178

free access   The History of Egypt (review)

pp. 178-181

free access   Enslaving Connections: Changing Cultures of Africa and Brazil during the Era of Slavery (review)

pp. 181-183

free access   Planting Rice and Harvesting Slaves: Transformations along the Guinea-Bissau Coast, 1400-1900 (review)

pp. 183-185

free access   Slavery and Beyond: The Making of Men and Chikunda Ethnic Identities in the Unstable World of South-Central Africa, 1750-1920 (review)

pp. 185-186

free access   Encounters with Ancient Egypt (review)

pp. 186-187

free access   Imhotep Today: Egyptianizing Architecture (review)

pp. 187-189

free access   Ancient Egypt in Africa (review)

pp. 189-190

Law and Human Rights

free access   Africa: Selected Documents on Constitutive, Conflict and Security, Humanitarian, and Judicial Issues (review)

pp. 191-192

Literature and the Arts

free access   Africa Shoots Back: Alternative Perspectives in Sub-Saharan Francophone Film (review)

pp. 193-195

free access   Critical Essays on Bessie Head (review)

pp. 195-196

free access   A History of Theatre in Africa (review)

pp. 196-199

free access   The Practice of Diaspora: Literature, Translation, and the Rise of Black Internationalism (review)

pp. 199-202

free access   South of the Sahara: Selected Works of African Art (review)

pp. 202-204

free access   Dan Ge Performance: Masks and Music in Contemporary Cote d'Ivoire (review)

pp. 204-205

Memoirs & Biography

free access   African-American Exploration in West Africa: Four Nineteenth-Century Diaries (review)

pp. 206-207

free access   Good Second Class: Memories of a Generalist Overseas Administrator (review)

pp. 207-209

free access   Hustling Is Not Stealing: Stories of an African Bar Girl (review)

pp. 209-212


free access   The Failure of the United Nations Development Programs for Africa (review)

pp. 213-214

free access   Pan-African History: Political Figures from Africa and the Diaspora since 1787 (review)

pp. 214-217

free access   Local Governance in Africa: The Challenges of Democratic Governance (review)

pp. 217-219

free access   Accounting for Horror: Post-Genocide Debates in Rwanda (review)

pp. 219-220

free access   A Continent for the Taking: The Tragedy and Hope of Africa (review)

pp. 220-223

free access   A Democracy of Chameleons: Politics and Culture in the New Malawi (review)

pp. 223-224

free access   Conflict Resolution and Peace Education in Africa (review)

pp. 225-226

free access   The Populist Dimension to African Political Thought: Critical Essays in Reconstruction and Retrieval (review)

pp. 226-229


free access   The Steamer Parish: The Rise and Fall of Missionary Medicine on an African Frontier (review)

pp. 230-231

free access   Christianity Among the Nomads: The Catholic Church in Northern Kenya (review)

pp. 231-232

Women & Gender

free access   Politics of the Womb: Women, Reproduction, and the State in Kenya (review)

pp. 233-234

Books Received

free access   Books Received

pp. 235-236