restricted access   Volume 78, Number 3, Summer 2005

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From: Anthropological Quarterly

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Queen of the Chinese Colony: Gender, Nation, and Belonging in Diaspora

pp. 511-542

The Ethnicity of Caste

pp. 543-584

Orthodox Hybridities: Anti-Syncretism and Localization in the Evangelical Christianity of Thailand

pp. 585-617

Terror, Aid and Organization: The Haredi Disaster Victim Identification Teams (ZAKA) in Israel

pp. 619-651

Social Thought & Commentary

An Empire on a Hill? The Christian Right and the Right to be Christian in America

pp. 653-671

The Passion of Anthropology in the U.S., Circa 2004

pp. 673-695

Museums and Globalization

pp. 697-708

Can Our Loved Ones Rest in Peace? The Memorialization of the Victims of Hostile Activities

pp. 709-723

New Releases

Oil, Blood and Money: Culture and Power in Nigeria

pp. 725-740

Theory in Anthropology Since the Enlightenment

pp. 741-749

The Tragedy of Comedy: Staging Gender in South India

pp. 751-764

Book Reviews

Chechnya: Life in a War-Torn Society (review)

pp. 765-772

Reassessing Revitalization Movements: Perspectives from North America and the Pacific Islands (review)

pp. 773-777

Hindu Kingship and Polity in Precolonial India (review)

pp. 779-782

Stories About Posts: Vedic Variations Around the Hindu Goddess (review)

pp. 783-787