restricted access   Volume 25, Number 1, 2005

Table of Contents

From: Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East

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Resurrecting Empire

pp. 1-5

Islam, Terrorism, and the West

pp. 6-15

Mourning and Memory

Introduction: Mourning and Memory

pp. 16-29

Places of Memory and Mourning: Palestinian Commemoration in the Refugee Camps of Lebanon

pp. 30-45

A Mahatma for Mourners and Militants: The Social Memories of Mohandas Gandhi in Arampur

pp. 46-62

"We Still Want the Truth": The ANC's Angolan Detention Camps and Post-Apartheid Memory

pp. 63-78

The Mourning of History and the History of Mourning: The Evolution of Ritual Commemoration of the Battle of Karbala

pp. 78-88

Generations of Memory: Remembering Partition in India/Pakistan and Israel/Palestine

pp. 89-110

Truth Commissions, Human Rights Trials, and the Politics of Memory

pp. 111-121

Living Ashura in Lebanon: Mourning Transformed to Sacrifice

pp. 122-137

Stories and Songs in Iraq and South Africa: From Individual Trauma to Collective Mourning Performances

pp. 138-151

Remembering the Dead: Laments and Photographs

pp. 152-160

Spirits of Dissent: Southeast Asian Memories and Disciplines of Death

pp. 161-176

Gender, Memory, Trauma: Women's Novels on the Partition of India

pp. 177-190

Public and Private Memory of the Lebanese Civil War

pp. 191-203


Forward and Backward: Women's Soccer in Twentieth-Century India

pp. 204-213

Virginity Violated: Sexual Assault and Respectability in Mid- to Late-Nineteenth-Century Egypt

pp. 214-227

Negotiating Women's Rights: Activism, Class, and Modernization in Pahlavi Iran

pp. 227-244

Book Reviews

Turkish Foreign Policy Studies

pp. 245-248

Antinomies of Modernity: Essays on Race, Orient, Nation (review)

pp. 248-250

Hostels, Sexuality, and the Apartheid Legacy: Malevolent Geographies (review)

pp. 250-251

No Shame for the Sun: Lives of Professional Pakistani Women (review)

pp. 251-253

Voicing Memory: History and Subjectivity in French Caribbean Literature (review)

pp. 253-255

Trans-Status Subjects: Gender in the Globalization of South and Southeast Asia (review)

pp. 255-256

Islamist Mobilization in Turkey: A Study in Vernacular Politics (review)

pp. 256-259

Picturing the Maghreb: Literature, Photography, (Re)Presentation, and: Of Suffocated Hearts and Tortured Souls: Seeking Subjecthood through Madness in Francophone Women's Writing of Africa and the Caribbean (review)

pp. 259-262

Prisoners of the Nuclear Dream (review)

pp. 262-264

Black Death: AIDS in Africa, and: Waiting to Happen: HIV/AIDS in South Africa: The Bigger Picture (review)

pp. 264-267

Governance on the Ground: Innovations and Discontinuities in Cities of the Developing World (review)

pp. 267-270



pp. 271-272